Best 5 Curved Baby Gates for Spiral Staircase

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When your baby begins to crawl, a gate for spiral stairs can make your life a bit easier and keep your young children a lot safer. You can use stair gates also to keep your child and pet separate.

Child safety gates are designed specifically for children aged 6 months to 2 years. Once a child knows how to climb over or open a gate, it should no longer be used as a safety device.

In this article, I’ve discussed all baby gates as well as detailed the 5 best curved baby gates for spiral staircases to ensure your baby’s safety.

5 Best Baby Gates for Baby Proofing Spiral Staircase (Comparison table)







Toddleroo by North States

  • JPMA certified

  • Easy to carry

  • Work as a portable playpen


  • Extra wide gate

  • Easy to install

  • Auto close feature


Toddleroo by North States Superyard

  • 144" extra wide

  • age: ‎6 months - 2 years

  • Made in US

A dog is laying down next to the baby gate

Cardinal Angle Baby Gate

  • No plastic

  • JPMA certified to meet ASTM standards

  • Compatible with extensions

Bonnlo 121-Inch Metal Fireplace Fence

  • Foldable design

  • Wall mounting hardware  Included

  • Close Automatically

Here’s How I’ve Determined the Baby Gates for the Spiral Staircase

After using a couple of baby gates (mentioned in the ‘best 5’ list) on my spiral stairs and researching hours on real customer reviews on some best baby gates, I came up with this article. Before purchasing spiral staircases baby gates, make sure they meet all of the requirements listed below.

What to look for:

  • For a top-of-the-stairs baby gate, choose a hardware mounted gate that attaches to the door frame without any openings that could trap fingers or necks. Other gates with pressure mounted installation or freestanding can be used in doorways in between rooms or at the base of spiral staircases. Have in mind that if a pet or child pushes too hard, a barrier can topple.
  • Select stair gates with a straight top edge, rigid bars, or a tight mesh screen.
  • Select a stairs baby gate with Auto Close function to prevent keeping the gate open mistakenly.
  • To prevent your child from slipping underneath, the distance between the floor and the bottom of the gate must be no more than 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5 centimeters).
  • Rigid vertical slats or rods should be spaced no more than 2-3/8 inch (6 centimeters) apart, just so the child’s head never becomes trapped between the slats.
  • Assess the item for any sharp edges or pieces which might cut or hurt a toddler’s hands.
  • Check for splinters if the gate is made of wood.
  • Don’t purchase gates with openings that a child could climb through.
  • The gate has to be at least three-quarters the height of the kid.

Every baby gate I’ve mentioned in this article has met almost all of the requirements listed here. So here is the list of the 5 best baby gates for spiral staircases.

1. Toddleroo by North States 3 in 1 Metal Curved Baby Gate

Mom is smiling at her baby next to the Curved Baby Gates
p.c. North state sind

The Toddleroo by the North States 3-in-1 Metal Superyard 8-Panel comes from one of the best baby gates brands, giving you plenty of options while keeping your child safe and secure around spiral stairs.


  • It is 30 inches high and includes up to 19 square feet as a play yard.
  • The eight-panel taupe enclosure can function as a portable playpen, stairs gate, or safety barrier.
  • Product dimensions are ‎198 x 4 x 30 inches.
  • The product weight is 43.15 Pounds.
  • The manufacturer recommended an age from 6 months to 2 years.


Their baby gates are made with 100% steel metal, as stated in the name.


The 3-in-1 Metal Superyard is self-standing and easy to set up. This stairs baby gate can be used inside on a variety of floor surfaces without slipping or scratching. These extra wide baby gates are hardware mounted gates.

And presents an extra wide safety barrier in your home or gates, blocking off the entire staircase, fireplaces, displays, and so on.

You’ll love how many options it has to fit your hectic schedule with infinitely extended options, like a portable playpen! The single swinging walk-thru panel features a child-proof double locking system for easy access. A two-panel extension is available to purchase if you want to enhance the total size.

Key features

  • TRUSTED BRAND: The Toddleroo by North States 3-in-1 Metal Superyard baby gate is a versatile and reliable baby gate, comes from one of the leading brands in the market.
  • SAFETY AND CONVENIENCE: The freestanding enclosure is easy to assemble, and the swinging walk-thru door panel features a child-proof double locking system.
  • MODERN FEATURES: The mounting hardware is built to facilitate extra tall baseboards and can be installed on angled walls or angled openings. And this baby gate can be endlessly extended with extension panels (sold separately) to cover a large area.
  • CONFIGURABLE FOR A VARIETY OF SPACES: The Superyard baby gate for open floor plan has locking panels, which you can configure to fit any open spaces or stairs, giving you infinitely extended options.
  • CERTIFICATION: Their baby gates have JPMA certification.

Things I like

  • It has a sturdy metal frame and facilitates extra tall baseboards.
  • The system can be freestanding or hardware mounted.
  • Can be installed on angled walls on stairs or angled openings.
  • Door panel with a walk-through.
  • Can function as a portable playpen.
  • For extra security, a double locking system is used.
  • High baseboards are compatible.
  • Infinitely extended option.
  • The taupe finish is appealing.
  • This baby gate is adaptable to any space.

Things could be better

  • Doesn’t come with any hardware package.
  • Do not closes automatically.
  • Do not have the Smart Stay Open function.


Is there any lead present in the metal or paint of this product?

The panels are made of steel, and the paint is powder coated. It has passed different
tests and meets government standards for PVCs, toxins, VOCs, and leads. It is more
like home appliances; safe!

How many extensions can be added to the panels?

Usually, a Super Yard comes with six panels, and users can connect the panels and
make a hexagon shape. But extensions are also available; they are sold separately and
come in a set of two panels. Users can buy as many extensions as they want and
connect them with the pain panels.

Overall customer opinion on this product:

Most consumers have praised this metal gate as highly sturdy and versatile. Parents
are gushing over it despite belonging to the high-end range due to its user convenience
and great aesthetics. Also, it prevents any use of toxic materials and is entirely safe for

2. Dreambaby Newport Adapta Curved Baby Gate

A mom is holding her baby next to the Dreambaby Newport Adapta Baby Gate

The Dreambaby Newport Adapta baby gates are a fantastic combination of safety and convenience. It has three hinged panels that can accommodate straight or angled walls, wide, and/or irregular openings and landings. This baby gate is a hardware mounted gate for extra security and stability.

It constructs safe as well as roomy landings at the top or bottom of spiral staircases, unlike many stairs gates which only extend a doorway. Furthermore, it can also be used in larger openings.


  • Hinged panels can accommodate openings of 33.5″ – 79″ across. It can function as an extra wide baby gate to cover your entire staircase.
  • This stairs baby gate measures 29″ extra tall in height.
  • The manufacturer’s recommended age ‏is 0 – 2 years.


The Dreambaby Newport Adapta baby gate is made with 100% steel metal.


This mounting hardware baby gate is white and simple to arrange and configure according to your requirements and desires, and using the Newport Adapta baby gate tends to make this even simpler! Their gate was specifically designed by parents for parents.

Key features

  • ADAPTABLE AND DEPENDABLE: This extra wide baby gate adjusts to angled walls or infrequent openings and is packed with intelligent safety systems. It arrives to provide you with a personalized baby gate for almost all kinds of scenarios.
  • QUICK INSTALLATION: This tri-paneled stairs baby gate is a hardware mounted gate for better stability. It is simple to set up and install, depending on your needs and likings. 
  • EASY OPERATION: This stairs baby gate is also simple to use, with one handed operation that’s also dependable.
  • SMART STAY OPEN SYSTEM: With the Smart Stay Open system, this gate can be set to remain open while doing laundry, entertaining guests, or preparing dinner.
  • MAGNETIC AUTO CLOSE FEATURE: The baby gate has the functionality of magnetic Auto Close feature for all other times, which guarantees reliable and consistent safety.
  • OPENING OPTIONS: For convenience, the Dreambaby Newport Adapta Baby Gate opens in both directions. It can, however, be set to open only in one direction. That is especially beneficial when the gate is set at the top of the spiral staircases.
  • EZY-CHECK: This baby gate also includes an EZY-Check indicator to ensure that it is correctly and safely closed. The EZY-Check indicator also aids in determining whether or not the gate has been installed properly.

Things I like

  • So many smart features like one handed operation for smart babies and busy mommies.
  • The stairs baby gate is effortless to install and can be installed in angled walls.
  • Extra wide gate with mounting hardware.
  • This stairs gate doesn’t open in one direction, rather multiple directions, including narrow openings.
  • This gate can stay open with its Smart Stay Open feature.
  • Has auto close option with a magnetic auto close feature.
  • Eazy-Check feature with locking mechanisms to ensure utmost safety.
  • Customer feedback is 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Things could be better

  • The gate would be almost perfect if the walk through was larger.


Is this product Weatherproof?

No, it is not designed to be exposed to the outside, and there are chances of getting
rusted. Due to the metal body, leaving this Adapta Gate outside may not be a good
idea. It is strictly an indoor product.

If the latch is broken, is there any replacement available?

The Dreambaby Adapta Gate comes with one year of warranty. So, if the latch is broken
within one year of the purchase, you can claim a replacement from the seller.

Overall customer opinion on this product:

The customers reported that operating this gate is easy; bigger kids and guests can
open or close the gate without any hassle. The lock on this gate is exceptionally sturdy

and therefore ensures ultimate safety. Also, the door can be adjusted to be opened one
way or two ways; this is very convenient.

3. Toddleroo by North States Superyard baby gate

Toddleroo by North States Superyard 6 Panel Baby gate on a large open space

Using the included wall mount kit, one of America’s best baby gates and play yard can now function as an additional safety barrier. These North States stairs gates are ideal for housing with open and large spaces that need to be closed off.


  • These baby safety gates have openings ranging from 38.5″ to more than 16′ wide.
  • The gate encloses a total area of 18.5 square feet or 5 ½ feet between two walls.
  • The dimensions of the stairs gate are 201 x 26 x 26 inches.
  • This baby gate weighs 23.28 pounds.
  • The age range recommended by the manufacturer is 6 months to 3 years.
  • Their baby gates are made in the United States with pride.


Toddleroo by North States Superyard baby gates is constructed of steel as their most baby gates.


When used as a safety barrier of any narrow openings, the equipment should be installed into solid materials like wood, metal, or a stud behind Sheetrock. Add or remove up to six additional panels to adjust differently shaped openings. The North States Superyard’s hinges help you to move the panels freely for a great fit.

The wall mounts keep the panels in place from wall to wall and fit nicely over crown molding. Skid-resistant pads are included with each Superyard to retain the barrier secure on flat surfaces.

Install these North States baby gates into a solid material, such as wood or metal. And continue following the provided step-by-step guidelines for a simple setup.

When configured as a hexagon, your extra wide barrier transforms into a free standing play yard, providing a safe play area that can be used indoors and outdoors.

Key features

  • BRAND YOU TRUST: The Toddleroo by North States 3-in-1 Metal Superyard are dynamic and dependable baby gates by one of the industry’s leading brands.
  • FREESTANDING PLAY YARD OR EXTRA LONG BARRIER: A great option for homes with stairs, including spacious areas. It needs to be closed off with mounting hardware. Fits openings ranging from 38.5″ to more than 16′.
  • SIMPLE HARDWARE MOUNT: Included wall mounts keep the panels secure from corner to corner and fit nicely over crown molding. When constructing extra wide baby safety gates, use one, two, three, four, five, or six panels.
  • VERSATILE: This tough plastic six-panel fun yard provides up to 18.5 square feet of the safe playing area. The Toddleroo by North States 3-in-1 Metal Superyard gate stay open over 90 degrees.
  • EXPANDABLE: Do you want to expand your Superyard baby gate? Simply add a Two-Panel Extension (sold separately) to expand the play area to 34.4 square feet!

Things I like

  • Simple to open for adults.
  • Mechanism of Push-and-Lift.
  • This baby gate closes automatically, which is good if you have narrow openings.
  • These stairs’ gates stay open (over 90 degrees).
  • Based on customer reviews, it has 4.5 out of 5.

Things could be better

  • May occur difficulty in assembling.


Does it feature any hinged door panel?

It features classic panels and does not include any door panels for stability. U-shaped
door panels often hamper the stability, and especially, when used as a wall mount
barrier, classic Superyard panels are preferable.

Is it heat tolerant?

As made of a plastic body, it is not heat-tolerant at all. Thus customers are advised to
keep away from any heat exposure. And it must not be held outside of the house as

Overall customer opinion on this product:

According to the buyers, this product serves its purpose well and is efficient enough to
provide the necessary stair protection. It works way better when attached to walls than
as a freestanding gate. These fences are equally famous among pet parents for their

4. Cardinal Gates Stairway Angle Baby Gate

Cardinal Gates Stairway Angle Baby Gate

The Cardinal Gates Stairway Special Baby Gates are built to be as safe as possible around the stairs. This gate specifically is excellent for the top of the spiral staircases and is suitable for all spaces.


  • The baby gate stands 29.5″ tall, is adaptable and can close off open positions ranging from 27″ to 42.5″ straight out of the box.
  • This stairs gate can be extended by 10.5″ and 21.75″ (Models BX-1 and BX-2, sold individually) to an optimum span of 64.25″.
  • The stairs gate dimensions are 27 x 2 x 29.5 inches and weigh 3 pounds.
  • The manufacturer’s recommended age bracket is 6 months to 2 years.


These stairs baby gates are made out of high quality aluminum, which is lightweight and rustproof. There are no plastic parts to tear or wear out. The powder-coated polishing is longer-lasting and easy to clean.


This hardware mounted baby gate for stairs has a one handed operation that confuses toddlers while allowing adults to operate it with one hand.

The optional one-way stop bracket prevents the gate from opening over stairs. As a result, these baby gates provide greater security and complete peace of mind. They enable installations in unusual locations and assembling to offset studs in drywall.

The box contains all of the hardware required for basic installation. This Stairway Special Baby Gate for stairs is accessible in white or black and is ready to keep your home safe and your child secure.

Key features

  • VERSATILE: Maximum protection baby gates developed for the edge of stairs, but useful in any situation.
  • ONE HANDED OPERATION: Adults can operate this gate with just one hand (the latch system baffles toddlers).
  • STOP BRACKET: It does have an extra stop bracket that restricts the door from opening over a stairway for added safety and easy access.
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION: The Cardinal Gates Stairway Special Baby Gates can be installed quickly and easily at angles of up to 30 degrees.
  • ADJUSTABLE: The width is adaptable from 27″ to 42.5″, and the height is 29.5″.

Things I like

  • It has a one-of-a-kind child-safe latch.
  • The gate Installs at up to 30 degree angles.
  • Open up for both ways for easy access, or use the additional stop bracket to only open in one.
  • The finish is powder-coated.
  • Excellent for spiral staircases and ideal for other areas.
  • Lightweight and long-lasting aluminum construction.
  • For maximum security, mount it on the wall of the bottom of the stairs.
  • There are extensions and clamps readily accessible (sold separately).
  • The customer rating is 4.5 out of 5.

Things could be better

  • Do not closes automatically, nor does it have Stay Open system.

5. Bonnlo 121-Inch Metal Fireplace Fence Guard 5-Panel Baby Safety Gate

Bonnlo 121-Inch curved Metal gate around fireplace

Bonnlo Baby Safety Gate/Fence has various uses. Enclose stairs, fireplaces, grills, and wood-burning stoves; confine pets to one area; put this baby gate around the Christmas tree or in the way of your entryway.


  • It fits up to 121 inches wide and 30 inches extra tall (which will also help prevent climbing).


For maximum protection and security, this stairs baby gate is made of strong alloy steel slats and Food Grade Plastic.


The black Bonnlo Baby Safety Gate features a walk-through door that moves back and locks. It also has a function that makes the gate stay open if it is swung past 90 degrees.

Even it closes without making any noise. There is no loud clanging. These baby gates open and close in both ways, rather than one direction. The black sealing surface increases the lifespan of these baby gates and protects them from rust, corrosion, and fading.

Key features

  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: The solid steel frame structure of these baby safety gates adds strength and stability to your child’s play area, keeping him safe.
  • CLIMBING PREVENTION: There are no footholds for little feet to climb over on this stairs gate, only vertical slats!
  • EASY STORAGE & USE: Their updated baby gates are simple to set up and dismantle. You can also make them in any shape you desire (330 degrees): circle, rectangular, square, crooked, and so on. The foldable design allows these baby gates for easy storage.
  • SAFETY LOCK FEATURE: A walk-through baby door including a safety locking feature with auto close system.
  • EXTENSIONS & SET UP: There is no limit to the number of additional extensions that can be added, and the panel can be fully removed. For extra protection and security, mount the gate on the wall.

Things I like

  • Bonnlo Baby Safety Gates are simple to open and have easy storage.
  • Mechanism of Push-and-Lift.
  • Auto close system.
  • Stay open in over 90 degrees.
  • Can customize any desired shape.
  • In case of broken parts, all plastic part substitutes are available.
  • All necessary mounting hardware is included, so no need to visit an additional hardware store.
  • Locking mechanism for safety.
  • 4.5 out of 5 stars from customers.

Things could be better

  • The quality of the joints could be improved.


Does this product support freestanding?

Yes, it supports free standing; you don’t always have to mount it to the walls. The
panels can support themselves, and users can move them to various parts of the

Can you buy extensions?

The manufacturer does not sell any extensions or extra panels. Therefore, you have to
work with the 5-panel set and cannot add extensions to the set.

Overall customer opinion on this product:
Customers claimed that this gate is even convenient for two years old twins. And the reviewers have emphasized its easy installation feature. Though it is incredibly sturdy, it is portable; a bonus for the users. Also, the quality is excellent and goes with any house decor due to the stylish build.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Baby Gate for Spiral Staircases

Baby Gate around Spiral Staircase
This is how I babyproofed my spiral staircase when my baby Lucy was little

Below, I have listed the points all parents should look for when they are purchasing a baby gate for spiral staircases.

Decide Where You’ll Use It

Hardware mounted gates at the bottom of the stairs are more difficult to remove than a gate with pressure mounted installation. That’s why this is the only safe option anywhere there’s a risk of falling, such as the top of spiral staircases.

A portable gate with pressure mounted installation can be a perfect solution if you want something without drilling into the wall. These can be used for less-dangerous places, such as inside of rooms like in front of the wood stove, toilet, oven drawer, or even to baby proof refrigerator in your kitchen.

Size Up the Slats

To avoid head trapping, safety gate slats should be less than 3 inches off each other and even closer stop letting feet or hands slip through.

Check Construction

Look for solid construction and a smooth finish in safety gates. Sleek, blister-free wooden baby gates for stairs and flat surfaces with rounded edges are preferred. Rather than squared.

Select a gate with a plain top edge and tightly spaced, restrictive, vertical slats or a fine mesh screen. Look for a fine weave when you choose a model with mesh panels. Because larger holes in traditional baby gates could serve as a foothold for climbing or trap fingers.


Look for a Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association-certified safety gate, whether it has hardware- or pressure mounted installation. A JPMA sticker on the frame or packaging signifies that the manufacturing company asserts to have met international voluntary gate safety standards.

Do Your Homework

Bring your door or opening of your stairs’ width measurements with you to the store, especially if you want the gate for very narrow openings. Also, try and avoid safety gates that must be at their full width to fit. Since they may not have enough safeguards for a determined toddler.

Try Before You Buy

Feel free to test models in the shop to ensure that they are simple to use and set up for you. Check if the Auto Close function really works properly (if have any).

When you’ve decided on a gate, do not forget your babysitter or guest to show how it works. Warn them not to surrender to the temptation of climbing over the gate rather than opening it.

When installing and using gates, follow the safety suggestions in the owner’s manual.

Remember that no gate can replace close supervision of your baby or toddler. Never leave your child unsupervised.

How to install a baby gate to spiral staircases?

installing a baby gate to the spiral staircase

Ok, first, here’s the supply list-

  • Baby gate/ safety gate.
  • Banister adaptor (if you have a bannister).
  • Drill with a 5/32″ drill, a bit for the adaptor and one slightly smaller than the drywall anchors.
  • Stud finder.
  • Impact driver.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Screws and drywall anchors (in case you can’t install on a stud).
  • Level.
  • Pencil.

Steps to go through-

Step 1: First, install the Banister Adaptor on your stairs.

  1. Install the post clamps.

2. Drill the pilot slots/holes for the wood strip.

3. Screw the Wood Strip into the wall brackets.

Step 2: After you made a decision on safety gate placement, set up the Stationary Wall Mount.

Step 3: Connect the safety gate to the stationary wall mount (follow the user/setup manual).

Step 5: Connect the Banister Adaptor to the Latch Mount and adjust the gate.


The steps of installation differ from one gate to the next. These instructions apply to the gate and adaptor I used. The steps may vary slightly if you’re using a different safety gate. So, make sure you follow the exact instructions that came with your gates or go for an installation video.

Other Ways to Baby Proof Spiral Staircases

Use these tips as an alternative to the baby gate in order to make sure your spiral steps are entirely childproof:

  • Make certain that your stairs are never cluttered. Toys, shoes, and other items should not be stored on the stairs, even if only for a short time, as they can easily be slipped on and tripped on.
  • It is critical to have a handrail installed on spiral staircases to ensure their safety.
  • Place non slip mats on each of your stairwell’s open risers. It can help them avoid slipping and falling.
  • Install transparent banister guards. These stretchy sheets are firmly attached with zip ties and are intended to prevent children from trying to stick their feet or legs through the banister slats.
  • Stairs can fail for a variety of reasons, including loose screws, cracked wood, and damaged metal pieces. Keep up with routine maintenance of stairs to have the best possible experience.

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Baby Gate for Spiral Staircase FAQs

Baby Gate for Spiral Staircase

How do you make a spiral staircase safer for kids?

  • For spiral staircases, use one of the best baby gates. (to choose, read the article) And don’t forget to buy and install two gates- for both of your stair openings.
  • Make certain that your stairs are never cluttered.
  • Establish a handrail on your stair.
  • Place non slip mats on each of your stairwell’s open risers.
  • Maintain tasks with broken bits, damaged wood, or broken metal pieces.

Is a spiral staircase a bad idea?

Curved baby gate around spiral staircase

The fact that spiral staircases undertake so little floor space is also one of their major drawbacks. They will almost certainly be higher and stiffer than regular stairs. As a result, they can be challenging to use for some people, particularly the elderly.

Some people find the rotational motion as they climb or descend unsettling. Spiral staircases can also be difficult for large people or those who are doubtful of their balance, such as children.

Can cats climb spiral staircases?

Yes, cats and small dogs are able to climb up and down spiral staircases. The appropriate distance between the steps makes it possible for both old cats and kittens to easily climb and descend.

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Baby Proof Dog Bowls (Simple Guide)

Final Verdict: Which Gate should you choose?

Well, now, if you ask me to choose the best baby gates for spiral staircases, I would go with the Dreambaby Newport Adapta Baby Gate personally because I’ve already used it for my kid and had no complaint at all.

This extra wide baby gate can give you more durability and area coverage since it can be adjusted and accommodate from 33.5 to 79 inches wide area, which was perfect for my entire staircase. Also, it gave my 1.5 years baby boy the perfect protection according to his height.

These versatile stair gates come with so many smart features like One Handed Operation, Smart Stay Open, magnetic Auto Close feature, and Eazy Check to make your daily life more convenient and safe. And there are extensions available for you to purchase separately, in case. Offers a medium range price tag too. What else could you need!

However, the decision about choosing the best baby gates is completely yours, based on your home decor, requirements and budget. Whatever you may choose, I hope this article was helpful in making that decision.

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