11 Alternatives to Baby Gate in a Budget (DIY)

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Anyone who has ever been in any home before knows that gates are a must-have in any property. Baby gates are one of the most common pieces of furniture in a home nowadays, and they can be said as a lifesaver. But what if you don’t have traditional baby gates? How do you keep your home safe for your family? Let’s discuss the 11 Alternatives to Baby Gate.

1. Use a pool noodle

Using a pool noodle as an Alternative to Baby Gate

A pool noodle is a simple, odd-sized, yet effective alternative to a baby gate. They are light in weight and easy to place be used in many ways. You can use one vertically to block off an entire door or hallway. Or lay it horizontally on the floor and place your child’s favorite toy or crayon on the other side.

Another creative idea is to use a pool noodle as a baby gate by placing it over the top of your coffee table. it can prevent your baby from accessing dangerous items like hot pots, knives and more.

When using this option, put down some towels first so that if anything spills, its mess won’t get onto the surface of your coffee table. 

2. Use PVC pipe

Use PVC pipe as a baby gate alternative

Use PVC pipes and strings to make a mobile baby gate. You can also call it a DIY baby gate. PVC pipe and string are a great way to create a mobile baby gate that you can move around the house. You just need a PVC pipe string and some knots.

The length of the PVC pipe will depend on how long you want your fence to be, but it should at least be 3 feet long. Then, tie one end of the pipe with string to the wall so that it is stretched tight against the wall.

Then tie another piece of string from the other end of the pipe to another part of the wall further down, and repeat this for as many walls as needed for your desired size.

Make sure that when you reach a new section, you tie off both pieces of string so that they are not on top of each other and don’t cause any issues later. After all, sections have been hung up like a wall mount, take another piece of rope to tie it around each section to keep them together. This creates a safety fence that can quickly move around without any problems.

3. Use an old crib railing

Use an old crib railing as a cardinal gate, one of the most creative and alternative baby gate ideas. It can be a good way to color into your home and look more welcoming. When you’re not using it, you can store it away in your closet for the next time, or you can use it as a safety gate!

4. Use a tall plant stand or cabinet

Another excellent alternative for baby gates is to use a tall plant stand or cabinet. You can place one side against the wall and use hinges to close up the space when you need to for your child’s safety.

It can also be a pet-friendly baby gate; if you have a dog as a pet in your house.

5. Use a tension rod

A puppy is inside a tension rod DIY baby gate

If you like the idea of using a tension rod as your baby gate but don’t want to mess with the wiring, you can try out this alternative mounted gate.

Tension rods are usually used in place of door curtains and have a similar look and feel. These are used in door frames, and You can find them at various fabric stores for about $10-30 each. There is also an installation process that requires only four screws on the wall on both indoor-outdoor so that you won’t need any wiring or drill bits either.

The best part? Tension rods are easy to take down and store when needed. That made them the best baby gate.

6. Use a curtain rod

Another excellent baby gate alternative is using curtain rods instead of tension rods if you aren’t opposed to them being in your kitchen or living room. They’re similar to tension rods in that you can use them both indoors and outdoors. However, they come in various colors and lengths, so you’ll have more options available to you. And it can be used as a retractable baby gate because it’s temporary. 

Remember that curtain rods are typically not adjustable, so if your space needs a broader opening than what they offer, it may not be the best idea for your family’s and the little one’s safety.

7. Make your gate using wooden dowels

A little girl is standing next to the A DIY wooden baby gate

A DIY baby gate is an inexpensive and easy way to transform a space without much effort. These wooden dowels can be easily cut or painted to match your existing decor. It can be used in the opening of the doorway too.

To make it, you’ll need a set of wooden doors; you can also use scapes for the base to give it more of a finished look.

8. Baby Window Gate

Another common option for keeping your baby gates in place is a window gate. This option is easy to install with just an old curtain. You can hang the curtains from the window and clip them to the baby gate. This allows you to easily keep your baby gates out of reach of the baby when they’re not needed.

The best part about this type of gate is that it can be installed in any room of your home and looks great. The curtain can also be custom-fitted, so it fits perfectly, regardless of where you choose to place it.

Some people prefer using a gate with a handle at the top, like a knob for opening purposes, so they have less difficulty securely pulling it open or closing it. If you use this kind of gate, measure where you want to put it before installing it and make sure there’s enough space around the doorframe and up against the wall before attaching it to the doorframe.

9. Baby Fabric Barrier

Baby fabric barriers are excellent for adding security and peace of mind to your home or office. They’re incredibly affordable, easy to install with mounting brackets and can be purchased in any color you want. They’re also great for blocking out unwanted noise and light. This is mainly used as a baby safety gate if you have children who might be scared by lights or noise that would otherwise frighten them.

10. Cardboard Box Baby Gates

I used two boxes taped together for my gate at the top of our stairs and called it a unique baby gate stairway. This is one of those things you can do in five minutes or less in the stair gate or by the banister. If you have more time and want something more permanent, you can buy these stair gates made just for this baby-proof purpose.

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11. Baby Half Door

Making DYI Baby Half Door

This baby gate is designed to fit into a standard garage door opening. It’s easy to install and remove, and it’s pretty sturdy because of its steel construction. It’s a hardware-mounted gate. The gate has small slats on one side with tiny tabs, so you can easily attach the gate.

Various benefits come with having this type of gate installed in your home or office:

  • It helps create order in your space.
  • Any mess that happens in your house will not stay there forever.
  • This will help you control where everything goes since it will be easier to retrieve anything that gets lost or stolen.
  • A baby, half door gate, acts as a reminder for all of those things that have gone missing, so you won’t have to worry about them ever again!


Baby gates can be a life savior, and you won’t be worried about too many things like going out in the play yard or stepping in the floor vent.

When deciding on an alternative, consider your needs and find an alternative that will work more for you.

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