7 Best Baby Gates for Bottom of Stairs – 2022 Review

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Falls are the top source of injury in kids aged 0 to 19 months, according to the CDC. Falls are more prone to occur in homes with stairs. A video featuring study statistics and information about stair safety for children is available from the National Children’s Organization.

So, if you’ve got a staircase at your home, make absolutely sure you have baby safety gates or barriers installed at both the bottom and top of the stairs.

The old phrase “prevention is better than cure” appears to be more common among today’s mothers when it’s about their child’s safety. As a result, they begin baby-proofing their homes, but they frequently overlook the most important step of all: baby proofing their staircase.

Parents should start with the stairs to create a really safe and sound environment.

Here is a list of the 7 Best baby gates for bottom of stairs to safeguard your little hobbits from falls.

My favorite Best Baby Gates for Bottom of Stairs Review

Just so you know, as a mother myself, I reviewed and used some of these best baby gates for the bottom of the stairs to protect my baby.

1) Summer Infant Deluxe: Best for toddlers and small pets

Child proof your home with this stylish baby gate from Summer Deluxe Stairway Simple to Secure Baby Gates. Made of antique oak wood, one of the best baby gates for stairs will enhance and compliment any home décor.

These hardware mounted baby gates accommodate hallway, doorway, and stairway installation with the included kit – no measuring required!

The comfortable grip of this baby gate for stairs makes it easy to open and close the door with one handed operation. These 32″ extra tall and up to 30″ to 48″ extra wide baby gates can fit any openings, making them ideal for toddlers and small pets. Use the unique Precision Fit Template to ensure correct – no measuring required! Tools are required for hardware mounting.

The Deluxe Stairway Simple to Secure Wood Gate provides an attractive option for homes with natural wood-trimmed hardwood floors, walls, or door frames. These hardware mounted baby gates for stairs include a Precision Fit Template to make sure correct and easy gate installation. No measuring is required.

Here’s an installation video guideline:

Things I like

  1. Antique oak finished baby gate for stairs.
  2. The removable swing stop mechanism won’t allow the baby gate to swing over stairs.
  3. 32″ extra tall gate fits openings 30″ – 48″ wide.
  4. Unique, comfortable grip handle for easy one-handed release.
  5. The removable swing stop mechanism doesn’t allow the baby gate to swing over stairs.

Things could be better

  1. Apparently, there were none found while i was using this stairs gate for my split level stairs.

Buy from Walmart

2) Regalo 2-in-1: Banister and Wall Mounting kit included

These baby gates for stairs are 30.5 inches tall and fits openings between 29 and 43 inches wide. They feature a walk-through door with no threshold to have to worry about.

You don’t have to put holes in your banister or walls with this baby gate. It comes with round or square banisters adapters, including banister corner protectors, plastic wall spacers, and wall mounting hardware. The best thing? There’s no drilling required!

These baby gates for stairs are an all-steel design, so they are durable, even for the most rambunctious little ones. Parents can effortlessly remove the gate for easy storage. Parents also love using this baby gate with various banister configurations. It’s durable, sturdy, and minimalistic, making an excellent selection for the top of stairs.

Moreover, it’s certified by the JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) and the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), and some of the best baby gates in the market.

Things I like

  1. This baby gate for stairs includes banister adapters.
  2. Easy gate installation.
  3. Made out of steel and has withstood 18 months of use.
  4. PDF user guide is provided.
  5. No need for assembly.
  6. Safety-lock design with one handed operation.
  7. JPMA and ASTM have given it their seal of approval.
  8. Each stairs gates come with a limited warranty of 90 days.

Things could be better

  1. Even my husband and I, both found the latch mechanism difficult to control with one handed operation.

Buy from Walmart

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3) Munchkin Loft Hardware Mounted Baby Gates

The Munchkin LOFT Aluminum baby gate is a perfect approach to keep your child safe with intelligent function without compromising the modern look of your home. This baby gate for stairs has a clean silver finish and is built of lightweight, sturdy aluminum.

With the Indexed Sizing System and the Integrated Tuning System, you can effortlessly fasten the wall-mounted gates to nearly any location in your home.

The Munchkin LOFT Aluminum hardware mounted baby gates for stairs are constructed with the modern family in consideration and secured with sturdy wall mounts. Its walk through door closes with a push and a double lock handle which is simple to operate for adults.

For a clean look, the handle is incorporated into the design. You may also easily remove this gate anytime you need it. With the quick release wall mounts, you may effortlessly detach the gate without using any tools. It was the perfect baby gate for our active baby and our hectic lifestyle.

It is a 30-1/2 inches extra tall baby gate, ensuring children and pets are safe and protected. The baby gates for stairs have an Integrated Tuning System that allows for uneven walls to be accommodated for a level horizontal fit.

You can also dangle it above the ground, so you don’t scratch your feet when you walk through the baby gate. This best metal gate can fit apertures ranging from 26-1/2 – 40 inches, making it ideal for usage in any part of the house, from the kitchen to the top of stairs.

Two 1/2-inch spacers are also included to assist the baby gate in reaching its maximum width of 40 inches.

Things I like

  1. Expanded safety gates with an all-aluminum design.
  2. Use it wherever in the house, including the top or bottom of the stairs and between rooms.
  3. With simply a push, these cardinal gates close and swing open in both ways.
  4. The extra-wide walk-through enables easy entry and exit.
  5. The Integrated Tuning System and the Indexed Sizing System with quick release wall mount system.
  6. This baby gate for stairs has a thin design and a silver-toned surface that will complement your contemporary decor.
  7. A one-year warranty is included with this hardware mounted gates.

Things could be better

  1. Price is on the expensive side compare to other gates on the list.

Buy from Munchkin store

4) Safety 1st Easy Install 28″ Walk Thru Gates

The Safety 1st Easy-Install baby gate is a pressure mounted baby gate that makes it simple to create child-friendly areas within your home.

You need to tighten all types of pressure mounted baby gates occasionally before they become too loose. This child safety gate makes you know when to do this simply with an indicator. It’s time to re-adjust the pressure mounts when the SecureTech indication goes red.

These Easy-Install baby gates for stairs are 28 inches tall, and you can adjust them from 29 to 38 inches wide to fit a variety of openings in your home. Safety 1st has had a good reputation for producing the best baby gates for quite some time now.

Things I like

  1. Parents will find it quite easy to operate with one hand, while tots will find it tough.
  2. There are no tools, drilling, or equipment needed to install this safety gate.
  3. Allows for quick and easy setup in doors and pass-through spaces.
  4. Extra safety with the SecureTech pressure indicator that tells you when your baby gate needs adjusting.
  5. JPMA-certified baby gates satisfy ASTM safety standards.
  6. Includes a one-year limited warranty.

Thinks could be better

  1. The latch should be easier to operate.


Buy from Best Buy

5) YOOFOR Retractable Baby Gates

As you know, baby gates for stairs are essential tools to contain and protect your little one. Yoofor Retractable baby gate works as both baby gates and pet gates to keep mischief contained by providing a safe, closed-off environment to play. The 33″ tall and 55″ extra wide baby gate can fit any size of openings.

You can install this retractable gate at the bottom of stairs, hallways, doorways, indoor and outdoor use. Suitable for use with children from 6 to 24 months or small to medium pets. The retractable design and one-handed operation provide more convenience while using this baby gate.

These retractable baby gates for stairs come with 2 x Hardware Attachments and 1 x gate installation Template. The roll mandrel is made of aluminum alloy and retracts smoothly and completely. The baby gate can be shifted around and consists of two attachments.

Things I like

  1. By far, the tallest and widest baby gates we’ve used.
  2. These cardinal gates are so sturdy and, most importantly, so easy to assemble.
  3. This baby gate for stairs is great for narrow doorways and areas.
  4. Easy to wipe clean and works as described.
  5. Comes with all the necessary attachments.
  6. Easily portable.

Thinks could be better

  1. Some people were concerned that the gate might be ineffective for older children.

6) Toddleroo by North States 38.5″ Wide

Toddleroo by North States Deluxe Easy-Close are pressure mounted baby gates for stairs that are 38.5″ wide 29″ tall. They are smooth to use and quickly move to other home areas. The heavy-duty easy close metal gates will last a long time, making them an excellent choice for keeping your youngster safe and secure.

For the highest accessibility, these best baby gates swing smoothly on either side. Just use the hold-open option to keep the safety gate from shutting and allowing additional passes through. Or, simply click the button below to activate the triple-latch for enhanced security.

These baby gates for stairs use only the best raw materials available, made in the USA. 

Things I like

  1. It is constructed of high-quality stainless steel with a matte bronze finish that makes it durable.
  2. Pressure mounted gates, so no need for drilling.
  3. Triple locking mechanism makes sure that the door is securely locked.
  4. This is a mounted lock baby gate that is easy to operate with one hand.
  5. Sleek lines and matte bronze finish worked well with my home style.
  6. Wide entrances and apertures anywhere from 29 to 47 inches can be covered by adjusting the baby gate.
  7. SecureTech pressure adds an extra layer of protection.

Thinks could be better

  1. Hard to install.
  2. Misaligned pieces.

Buy from Walmart

7) Toddleroo by North States 3 in 1 Metal Superyard

Toddleroo by North States Freestanding Baby Gate

Toddleroo 3 in 1 metal baby gate or yard Is the last one in my list of best baby gates yet quite versatile. These baby gates’ six-panel taupe enclosures can act as portable play yards or barriers. It is 30 inches high and incorporates up to ten square feet as a play yard or entertainment center. The 3-in-1 Metal Superyard is self-contained and takes only seconds to set up.

These baby gates for stairs can be used inside on various floor surfaces without any slip or scratch. The 3-in-1 Metal Superyard also can be attached with hardware for increased convenience. Parents can use it as an additional barrier or a baby gate in their home, keeping off fireplaces, showcases, and other items.

We were thrilled with its many options to fit our active lifestyle! The single gate swinging walk-thru panel has a childproof double locking system that makes access easy. A two-panel extension is available separately if you’d like to increase the overall size.

Things I like

  1. I could use it both as a play yard and a freestanding baby gate for spiral staircase in my home.
  2. Can be installed in angled walls.
  3. Possibility of expansion is infinity with extended panels.
  4. Kept my floor surface clean from scratch.
  5. The double locking system makes it extra safe and easy to access.
  6. Extension is available.

Thinks could be better

  1. It was missing proper accessories and instructions to use.

Product Comparison Table

Here is a comparison table to make it quick and easier for you to choose between the best baby gates for stairs.

NameInstall MethodWidthHeight
Summer InfantHardware mounted gate30 to 48 inches extra wide32 inches extra tall
Regalo 2-in-1Hardware mounted29 to 43 inches wide30.5 inches tall
Munchkin Loft Hardware Mounted GatesHardware mounted gate26.5 to 40 inches extra wide30.5 inches extra tall
Safety 1st Easy Install 28″ Walk Thru GatesPressure mounted gates29 to 38 inches wide28 inches tall
YOOFOR Retractable Baby GatesHardware mountedUp to 55 inches extra wide33 inches tall
Toddleroo by North StatesPressure mount gates28 to 38.5 inches wide28 inches tall
Toddleroo by North States 3 in 1 Metal GateHardware mounted or freestanding144 inches long extra wide (10sq.ft. enclosure)30 inches tall

Things to remember before buying the Baby Gate for the Bottom of Stairs

Bottom of Stairs

The infant who uses his feet only as chew toys today will turn into a toddling, curious baby seemingly overnight. Buying and installing safety gates or baby gates isn’t a task to put off until he’s on the move.

According to the CDCP (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), nearly 8,000 children visit U.S. emergency rooms each day because of fall-related injuries. The right and best baby gates for stairs may keep your baby from being one of them.

1. Measure the opening width where the baby gates will go. Take measurements at both the bottom and top of stairs. Measure the distance in between the skirting boards and walls for doors. Choose the height of your baby gate according to your baby’s height.

2. Choose however you want your baby gates to be installed. If you want to use them for stairs, you’ll need to choose hardware mounted baby gates. For a room divider, you can go with a pressure mounted one.

3. Choose how your baby gates for stairs will open and close. There are a variety of ways to open and close the door. There are two examples of opening choices- baby gates that swing open in both ways and those that can be opened with one hand. Choose one from the auto close feature for top of the stairs rather than manual closing options. Auto close feature will allow the baby gate door close automatically behind you; convenient for new moms.

4. Choose your material, finishes, and design. First and foremost, you’ll want the safest and sturdiest material for the intended location. In addition, search for designs and materials that go well with your existing decor.

Enjoy a flawless buying experience once you’ve figured out these things.

Why do you need a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs?

It is an absolute priority to block access to any stairways in your home. Stairs are indeed the nightmare of busy toddlers and crawlers. Regardless they head outside on the porches, the basement, or link to a second floor.

Every year, a shocking number of young children are rushed to the hospital after falling down a flight of stairs. Don’t allow your baby’s name to end up in these statistics! Make sure there is a securely placed gate at the top of the stairs that your child cannot kick out of position.

If your child has access to the bottom of the stairs, block it off because children are renowned for climbing up them and then falling down.

A gate installed at the bottom of the stairway can be a pressure mounted gate, so you will have flexibility when choosing one for that purpose. Just in case you think that’s not likely to happen, keep in mind that this is a skill even relatively young babies seem to master when you aren’t looking.

It’s almost as if stairs are like a pretty light beckoning to children because the old saying “like a moth to a flame” comes to mind. Babies love to pull themselves up into precarious spots, so it’s wise to gate that now with the best baby gates!

Alternative ways to baby proof the bottom of stairs

Here is the list of other ways to babyproof stairs in your home other than baby gates.

  1. Restrict the area.
  2. Keep the staircases free of obstacles.
  3. Baby proof the stair railing
  4. Carpeting the stairs and bottom of it too.
  5. Keep it clutter free.
  6. Not only top of the stairs, keep your entire staircase well lit.

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How do you build a gate for the bottom of the stairs? (DYI)


What age should you stop using stair gates?

Most guidelines say you should stop using stairs baby gates when your child is two years old. At that age, usually, they are capable of climbing over or breaking the gate and damaging themselves by falling from top of the stairs. If your child can climb over the gates easily before they are two, remove them sooner.

However, there is no right age. You can uninstall them whenever you feel confident enough that your kid can safely go top of the stairs and downstairs by themselves.

Can you use pressure mounted baby gate at bottom of the stairs?

Yes, you can. Unlike the top of stairs, any wall mounted or pressure mounted baby gates can be installed at the bottom of the stairs.

Does a 3 year old need a stair gate?

Yes & no! Actually, it entirely depends on your baby’s growth and flexibility.

I got rid of our stairs baby gate when my girl just turned 2. She was trotting up and down happily, so there didn’t seem any point.

When your toddler is old enough, teach them how to climb the stairs securely and gently, though.

Is there any difference between a pet gate and a baby gate?

Generally speaking, high-quality best baby gates tend to consist of the same types of metal, plastic, and other materials found in dog or pet gates. The main difference between the two is in the overall strength of their designs. In baby gates, for example, materials tend to be much lighter in weight than what’s found in puppy gates.

Final Recommendation

Still confused and can’t figure out which gate is perfect for you?

If you want hardware mounted wood gates instead of the more common metal gates, Summer Deluxe Stairway Wood Gate is a good choice for you.

I think the best baby gate for open floors will be North States 3 in 1 Metal Gate/Superyard and Toddleroo by North States Deluxe Easy-Close Baby gate.

YOOFOR Retractables are great baby gates with practical, cost-effective solutions for many situations like travel or visiting with relatives. This same gate is the tallest and extra wide baby gate for stairs on the list too.

The Munchkin LOFT Aluminum Gate will be a great choice for parents looking for a modern and sleek gate to match their home decor. However, only if you are ready to spend some extra on a baby gate.

The Safety 1st Easy-Install Walk-Through gates and Regalo 2-in-1 Stairway and Hallway Wall Mounted Baby Gates both are the best baby gates for those who prefer to stay on the safe side with warranty backup and JPMA ASTM certifications.

The Safety 1st Easy-Install and Toddleroo by North States Deluxe are pressure mounted baby gates. These two are great baby gates in case you want to baby proof your bottom of the stair without any drilling.


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