The Best 7 Pet Friendly Baby Gates with Cat Door

A cat and a dog are next to the pet friendly baby gates and the cat is crossing though the Cat door

Baby and pet gates are essential while baby proofing your home, and they apparently have many similarities. Both of these doors are typically used to keep children or cats and dogs inside or outside of a specific area.

So what’s the point? After all, isn’t it just a safety gate?

While some safety doors are appropriate for both cat and dog as well as baby, some may not be large, strong, or tall enough to contain large breed dogs or even smaller dogs. There are also some baby gates with pet doors that are not always secure and safe enough for children.

You may wonder, however, “Which baby gates are the best and also pet friendly?” There are infinite brands to choose from, and the list goes on.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the best pet friendly baby gate with cat door available. Let’s get into the specifics of baby gates.

Baby Gate with Cat Door Products Comparison Table

Here is a comparison table to make it quick and easier for you to choose.






A dog is standing next to the pet friendly baby gate and a cat is crossing though the cat door

Carlson Extra Tall Walk Through Pet Gates

  • Install method: Pressure mount

  • Width: 29-36.5

  • Height: 36 inches

  • Pet Doors’ Measurement: 8 x 8 inches

Carlson Home Design Extra Wide Walk Thru Pet Gates

  • Install method: Pressure mount

  • Width: 29 to 42

  • Height: 30 inches

  • Pet Doors’ Measurement

MYPET North States 38" Wide Petgate

  • Install method: Pressure mount

  • Width: 29.8 to 38 inches

  • Height: 36 inches

  • Pet Doors’ Measurement: 9.5 x 8 inches

Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Pet Gates

  • Install method: Pressure mount

  • Width: 29 to 36.5

  • Height: 30 inches

  • Pet Doors’ Measurement: 8 x 8 inches

Fairy Baby Extra Wide Baby Gate Stand

  • Install method: Pressure mount

  • Width: 76.3 to 79.1

  • Height: 38 inches

  • Pet Doors’ Measurement: 8 x 8 inches

Carlson Lil Tuffy Metal Expandable Gate

  • Install method: Pressure mount

  • Width: 22 to 38

  • Height: 18 inches

  • Pet Doors’ Measurement: 9 x 9 inches

Safety 1st Eco-Friendly Nature Next Bamboo Gate

  • Install method: Pressure mount

  • Width: 28 to 42

  • Height: 24 inches

  • Pet Doors’ Measurement: None

Can you put a cat door on any door?

Yes, to some extent.

If your door has glazing panels (common in both modern and traditional styles), you might be wondering if you can install a cat flap on it.

Yes, they can be installed on any door style as long as the glazed section is not in the way. You could also replace the glass section with a cat flap.

Here’s How I’ve Determined the best pet friendly baby gates

Before purchasing a pet friendly baby gate, make sure it meets all of the requirements listed below.

  • Purpose

There are a few considerations, but the most important question is what you want to achieve with it. Do you want to keep your baby safe while allowing your cat or smaller dogs to pass through? Or do you have multiple dogs and kids?

  • Placement

Different doorways and areas will necessitate different measurements. There may also be some brackets or installation methods that will not work with the space’s architecture.

  • Convenience

You should ensure that the latch and opening are easy for adults to use. While hard for children and pets.

  • Appeal

Baby and pet gates are undoubtedly bought to be functional. However, they can also be well-made and appealing to the eye, especially if it needs to be permanently installed.

  • Pricing

Valuation or costing needs to be considered, as with most other purchases. There are numerous low-cost baby gates with pet doors on the market. Higher quality, more permanent ones are frequently more expensive. The amount you are willing to spend is usually dictated by the style and durability you desire.

As with most choices, the door you select will be heavily influenced by your personal preferences in the end.

Best Baby Gates with Cat Door Reviews

1. Carlson Extra Tall Walk Through Pet Gates

A dog is standing next to the pet friendly baby gate and a cat is crossing though the cat door


The extra height of the Carlson Extra Tall Walk Through baby gates with pet doors is ideal for your cat and dog, as well as babies who like to jump.

The dimensions of these Carlson Extra Tall baby gates with pet doors are 37 x 2 x 36 inches, widening from 29 to 36.5 inches. Includes a 4-inch extension for a total length of 36.5 inches and weighs about 10.98 pounds.

Patented pet doors measure 8 inches by 8 inches and allow small pets to pass through while everyone else remains in place. The pressure mount system allows for a quick and easy setup, and there is no battery required.

Material type:

The all-steel construction is strong, long-lasting, lead-free, chew-proof, and non-toxic.


The Carlson extra tall walk-through baby gates with pet doors are white in color. And a suitable way to protect your baby, dogs, and cats, as well as your home. It is ideal for extra-wide or larger openings and is designed with a pressure-mount system for fairly easy installation.

The convenient walk-through design features an easy, one-touch release handle, allowing you to pass even while doing other things.

Pack includes:

It comes with a 4-inch extension kit, a four-pack of pressure mounting kits, and a four-pack of wall mount kits.

Key Features

  • EXTRA TALL: Expands to fit stairwells and openings 29-36.5 inches wide. Stands are 36 inches tall.
  • EASY TO SET UP: Quick-to-install pressure mounting design. There are no tools required, and it is gentle on the walls.
  • PET DOORS: Patented smaller pet doors measures 8 x 8 inches. Allows small animals to pass through and retain everyone else out.
  • INCLUDES LOCKING FEATURE: The Carlson extra tall walk-through one has a locking mechanism.
  • ADJUSTABLE: A 4-inch wide extension kit is included. Ideal for use in doorways, hallways, and at the bottom of stairs.
  • EASY STORAGE: It is quickly removable from the opening for easy storage.
  • DURABLE AND CONVENIENT: With a walk-through door, the all-steel design is both durable and convenient. Included is an easy-close door feature—a strong, all-metal frame.
  • SAFETY: For added security, it has a safety-lock feature, non-toxic finishes, and wall mounts.

Things I like

  • It’s fairly simple to open.
  • Because of a stopper on the bottom, it only goes in one direction.
  • The tallest door that is available in the market. Specially made for jumpers.
  • Avaiable in a variation of sizes to fit various doorways.
  • The installation is quick and fairly easy, requiring only a Phillips head screwdriver.
  • Looks great.
  • Extremely sturdy.
  • The price is reasonable.

Things could be better

  • According to my 23-pound retriever, the pet door is too large. So, before you go for it, don’t forget to measure your cat or dog. Or, as I did, modify the door with pipe and zip ties.

Carlson Extra Tall gate FAQs

Can this gate be shut so that my dog cannot go through?

Yes, this door can be shut entirely and provide the ultimate safety to your pets. It has hinges
and latches that can be locked securely so your dog can not go through the gate. The latch
cannot be without the help of a thumb. Thus, users can entirely rely on this gate.

What is the space width between the slats?

The space between the slats is 2 inches, making this gate secure for even the smallest breeds
of pets. Even a 7 lbs kitten might not go through the slats.

Review Summary

The reviewers claim this gate to be extremely effective and, at the same time, user convenient.
As it is specially designed for small dogs, It is a perfect size that users can step over, but the
dogs cannot jump over this gate. This product might not be very effective in giving protection in
serious spots like around the stairs. However, it would do great if you want to prevent your dog
from getting inside the bed or going around the cat litter (more applicable for risk-free spots).

2. Carlson Home Design Extra Wide Walk Thru Pet Gates

A cat is crossing the baby gate through cat door


Carlson Home Design Extra Wide Walk Thru one is the ideal blend of feature and style, and it complies with all current safety regulations.

The height is 30,” and the depth is 1″, with the dimension of 2 x 42 x 30 inches. The distance between spans is 30″ to 41.5″ and weighs about 12 pounds.

Material type:

The materials are wood and metal. Premium cherry wood inserts and a black finish are featured.


This wood-accented cast-iron door keeps dogs and cats, as well as your children, in safe zones. And a single adult hand can open it easily. This handy “Easy Close” handle allows your full hand to simply push it shut, making your task easier.

The ‘Easy Close’ handle has a safety-locking function, making it perfect for your dogs, cats, and children. This wide metal safety door is an ideal choice for a variety of home openings. The simple-to-adjust pressure-mounting system allows for a quick and easy installation.

Pack includes:

Decor hardwood, 4-inch extension kit, pressure mounting kit, and wall mount kit are all included.

Key Features

  • EXTRA WIDE: For added security, it is 30 inches tall. It expands to fit openings ranging from 29 to 42 inches wide.
  • SMALL PET DOORS: The patented smaller pets door measures the lower height of 8 x 8 inches. Allows only small animals to pass through.
  • INCLUDES LOCKING FEATURE: The Carlson extra-tall walk-through one has a locking mechanism.
  • DECOR: High-end finishing and New Zealand Pine were used to create this piece.
  • ADJUSTABLE: There is no need for a tool to set up this pressure mounting door. A one-touch release safety lock is included with the easy close handle.
  • FIT: Ideal for doorways, hallways, open areas, and stair bottoms.
  • INCLUDES: Two 4-inches wide extension kits are included.
  • EASY STORAGE: It folds flat for convenient storage.

Things I like

  • Strong and sturdy.
  • Looks attractive in my home.
  • Gate installed dead easily.
  • Single handed operation door catch, whereas most others require two hands.
  • I can store it easily.

Things could be better

  • The foot-long warning sticker on it is difficult to remove, and some black paint came off as a result.
  • It can be too big in case you have small dogs that can squeeze themselves through the cat gate.
  • Some customer has issues with missing pieces.

Carlson Extra Wide FAQs

Is it suitable for outdoor use?

It has metal and wooden parts, which are incompatible with the outside weather. If kept outside,
the wooden piece can be damaged due to exposure to rain. In short, it is best to keep this gate

Does it come with any extensions?

No, it goes up to almost 42 inches but does not include any additional extensions. The
manufacturers have not mentioned whether it is compatible with additional extensions.

Review Summary

First, the buyers are overwhelmed with the quality of the product. It is incredibly sturdy and is
great for protecting your naughtiest pet kid. Moreover, the installation part cuts all the hassles
and can be installed within 30 minutes. Also, the appearance of this gate would complement
your home decor.

3. MYPET North States 38″ Wide Petgate

A small dog is crossing the baby gate and a big dog sitting next to the gate


Features unique small pet doors that glide freely, letting your cats come and go as they wish. It works perfectly in a wide array of room openings and doorways.

It can be adjusted to fit openings ranging from 29.8″ to 38″ wide with two extensions. It also stands an extra-tall 36 inches tall. The product measures 10 x 10 x 10 inches and weighs approximately 9 pounds. Comes with a 9.5″ x 8″ cat gate.

This one comes with two additional extensions (sold separately) that allow it to be expanded to 65.6 inches wide.

Material type: 

It is fully constructed of heavy-duty steel and metal.

White pet friendly baby gate
This is how it looks like after installing this baby gate at my home


This door is pressure mounted and can be easily set between rooms, doorways, and other areas. This heavy-duty steel door is finished in a lovely matte bronze. Therefore, it will complement any home furnishings and continue for a long time.

Pet doors also lock for security with the Grip-n-Twist latch, providing you with a sense of security. Ideal for families with several puppies or cats.

It can swing in either direction, thanks to the swing control lever at the bottom. The large handle styling fits easily into your hand for a secure grip.

Pressure mounting of this baby gate with pet door works without batteries by using tension knobs to keep it in place.

Key Features

  • WORRY-FREE SAFETY: Maintain your cat and dog secure, and your home safe with this extra high pressure mounted configuration, which is simple to install and requires no additional hardware and tools.
  • LOADED WITH FEATURES: Have doors with large, one-hand controlled handles and cat doors that move freely or locks to keep most cats in. Ideal for families with multiple puppies or cats.
  • STYLISH AND DEPENDABLE: This baby gate with pet door is constructed of sturdy metal. It has a gorgeous Matte Bronze finish that will go with any decor.
  • ADJUSTABLE FOR A VARIETY OF SPACES: The MyPet extra tall gate with pet door is 36″ tall and designed to fit standard doorways and openings 29.8″ to 38″ wide.
  • EASY & SECURE: It is simple to open and close with just a soft push. The door swings both in and out and has a door stopper to allow for one side opening.

Things I like

  • One-hand operation with easy-grip handle.
  • Heavy-duty metal frame.
  • Easy pressure mounted installation.
  • Hard to climb barrier.
  • Attractive matte bronze finish.
  • Small swinging pet door for cat access.
  • Expandable up to 65.6″ with additional extensions (sold separately).
  • This baby gate with pet door is 36″ tall.

Things could be better

  • The hinges would be of higher quality if they were made of metal or heavy-duty plastic rather than cheap plastic.
MYPET Petgate FAQs
What should be the doorway width to make this gate fit?

In order to fit this gate properly, the doorway should be within 29.75 inches to 39 inches. Il also
comes with extensions; if you want to use those, the doorways must be widened.

Is Drilling needed to install this product?

Fortunately, you won’t need drilling to install this gate. It comes with a pressure-mounted feature
that does not require the users to install the gate. But for utmost stability, one might drill this,
which is optional, not mandatory.

What do customers think? (Review Summary)

The customers have praised its durability; it goes a long way. It is wide enough and comes with
additional extensions. Moreover, the door swings both ways. The handle, though, can be
difficult to operate (nothing so serious).

4. Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Pet Gates

A dog is sitting next to the pet friendly baby gate


The Carlson Extra Wide Walk-Thru baby gate with pet door is an essential tool for pet-friendly homes. Provides a convenient, chew-proof method of containing and protecting your cats and dogs as well as your home.

Because openings vary in size, it is adaptable and suitable for openings ranging from 29 to 36.5 inches in width. It also stands 30 inches tall. It is 36.5 x 1 x 31 inches wide (Extra Wide) and weighs approximately 9.95 pounds. The pet door measures 8 x 8 inches and has a 4″ wide extension.

Material type:

Carlson Extra Wide Walk-Thru baby gate with pet door is made entirely of steel.


The sturdy white gate with pet door is simple to use and is designed to make frequent passage through it. If drilling holes in your walls makes you cringe, their pressure-mount system will make configuration like a breeze.

Small animals can pass through the pet door while everyone else is kept out, providing the same convenience.

Pack includes:

It comes with four spindle rods, four wall cups, and screws for additional safety. It comes with a 4-inch extension kit, a pressure mount kit, and a wall mount kit.


-There’ll be a gap in between the latch and the frame prior to installation. This is not a flaw, nor is it bent. The gap will be filled during installation.

-To ensure a proper fit of this, measure your opening before purchasing.

Key Features

  • EXTRA WIDE: Expands to fit stairwells and openings are 29-36.5 inches wide. Stands are 30 inches tall.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Quick-to-install pressure mount design. No tool requires, and it is gentle on the walls.
  • RUB-RESISTANT: This gate is rust-proof.
  • SMALL PET DOOR: The patented pet door measures 8 x 8 inches. Lets small animals move through while keeping others out. It has a locking feature.
  • ADJUSTABLE: A 4-inch wide extension kit is included. Ideal for use in doorways, hallways, and at the bottom of stairs.
  • EASY STORAGE: This can be easily removed from the opening for storage.
  • DURABLE AND CONVENIENT: With a walk-through pet door, the all-steel design is both durable and convenient. Included is an easy-close door feature—a strong, all-metal frame.
  • SAFETY: For added security, it has a safety-lock feature, non-toxic finishes, and wall mounts. JPMA and ASTM standards are both met.

Things I like

  • Pressure mount configuration is simple to install and relatively sturdy once installed.
  • Included are a 4-inch wide extension kit, four pressure mount spindle rods, four wall cups, and screws.
  • It is both long-lasting and practical. All-steel construction with a walk-through pet door.
  • Certified to all of the safety standards.
  • Includes multiple-lock features.
  • Easy storage.
  • Perfect for medium to larger dogs.
  • Have good reviews overall.

Things could be better

  • If my 20 kg Labrador can fit through the pet door, a toddler should also be able to.

Carlson Extra Wide Pet Gate FAQs

How long can the door be extended?

This door can extend up to 37 inches with an extension of 6 inches. But users can buy 12
inches extensions if they want more width.

Does the door swing both ways?

The door does not swing both ways automatically. To swing freely in both ways, the users must
release the latch closure. Anyone who wants the door to swing freely can remove the latch.

What do customers think? (Review Summary)

This gate comes with an extension, making it effective in multiple size doorways. Also, as per
the customers, the installation process is super easy and takes only more or less 15 minutes.
The construction is solid, and the overall stability is commendable.

5. Fairy Extra Wide pet friendly Baby Gate Stand

Fairy Extra Wide pet friendly Baby Gate Stand


This extra long, tall, wide walk-through baby gate with a pet door is a metal with a pressure mounted safety system. Ideal for stairwells, hallways, doorways, and open areas.

It is 38 inches tall and comes in widths ranging from 25.59 to 84.64 inches. It weighs about 24.6 pounds and measures 38.5 x 28.5 x 2.5 inches. Furthermore, it comes with an 8 x 8 inches pet gate.

Material type:

This gate with pet door is made of high-quality steel that is both durable and sturdy.


The presence of an anti-stumble paddle allows strollers and toddlers to pass through and adds to its consistency. Its double latching mechanism is complicated enough that your child will not be able to open it.

No need to think about leaving it open with the auto close feature. If you raise it above 90 degrees, it will remain open if you need it to.


Before purchasing, please select the appropriate width from the size chart.

Key Features

  • EXTRA TALL AND WIDE: It will be difficult to scale for large dogs and daring babies. Fairy Baby offers a wide variety of doors to choose from.
  • EASY TO SET UP: It is pressure mounted and simple to assemble and set up. Just follow the guidelines, & you’ll be fine.
  • ONE HANDED AND DOUBLE LOCKING: These tall safety gates with pet doors can be opened with one hand while having your other hand full.
  • AUTO CLOSE FEATURE AND DUAL DIRECTION OPENING: When open at less than 90 degrees, it automatically closes. 
  • DURABLE METAL DESIGN: It can withstand hits weighing up to 210 pounds, such as Husky, Alaska, and others. Advanced steel hinge, which prevents breaking on a regular basis.

Things I like

  • I like that it is extra tall and wide.
  • Extra durable gate to withstand up to 210 pounds of pressure.
  • A piece of cake to set up.
  • It has a double locking system.
  • Has some good reviews overall.
  • Comes with 2 years warranty.

Things could be better

  • The price seems to be on the higher side for most pet owners and parents.

6. Carlson Lil Tuffy Metal Expandable Gate

A cat is crossing through Carlson Lil Tuffy Metal Expandable Gate


The Carlson Mini Tuffy is amazingly versatile and expandable with patented small pet doors. Its all metal expandability makes it the first of its kind. 

Expanding 22-38 inches wide and stands a convenient 18-inch tall. The dimension is 38 x 1 x 18 inches with a 9 x 9 inches pet gate size and slate size 1.75-inch wide. It weighs only 5 pounds and needs no battery to function.


The metal frame is strong, sturdy, and durable, making it extra secure and superior to plastic.


This white baby gate with pet door is super easy to install, takes literally seconds. Pressure mounted configuration and locks with the patented Easy Fit Locking System. Soft rubber bumpers are gentle on walls and keep them scuff-free. The lightweight, compact design is great for travel and storage.

To keep things moving, It features a lock and screw system to create the perfect pressure on it.

Installation instruction:

To set these baby gates with pet doors, grab both sides and expand to the desired width, lift the locking pin, move it into place, and settle it in the hole. Then just twist the plastic knob to adjust the pressure until it is safely secured against the wall.

Perfect for medium to larger dogs and comes with an excellent price.

Key Features

  • EXTRA WIDE: Expands to stairways and openings between 22-38 inches wide. Stands 18 inches tall. Pressure mounted design is quick to set up. No tool requires and is gentle on walls.
  • SMALL PET DOORS: Small pets pass through the 9 x 9 inches cat door while keeping everyone else out. Includes locking feature.
  • ADJUSTABLE: Quick-fit patented system is perfect for doorway, hallway, and bottom of stair use. You can quickly remove it out of the opening for easy storage. No assembly required
  • DURABLE AND CONVENIENT: The all steel construction of these baby gates with pet doors is durable and convenient.
  • SAFETY: Includes safety-lock feature has Lock and Pin system to secure this baby gate with pet door. Perfect for small dogs (over 10 lbs) and has non-toxic finishes. It is certified to both JPMA and ASTM standards.

Things I like

  • These baby gates with pet doors are a light and quick fit system.
  • It is very sturdy and secure, and very easy to put up.
  • Its durable and convenient design makes it perfect for storage or travel with.
  • Both JPMA and ASTM certified.
  • The extra-wide size is perfect for hallways.
  • Price range is quite affordable.

Things could be better

  • The height is not that much. However, some seem to like this fact.

Carlson Metal Expandable Gate FAQs

Can the door be locked?

Yes, the door comes with hinges and a sturdy lock system. It will allow the users to lock the
door so the pets cannot go through the gate.

Does it include any rubber bumpers?

Yes, this gate comes with rubber bumpers. These bumpers are almost 1/2″ wide and protect
the walls from being damaged.

What do customers think? (Review Summary)

According to the customers, this pet gate is amazing if you want to potty train your dog and
keep them within a particular space. It is strong enough even to handle 4-month-old naughty
puppies. The size is perfect to step over for humans yet tall enough to keep the pets confined.

7. Safety 1st Eco-Friendly Nature Next Bamboo Gate

Safety 1st Eco-Friendly Nature Next Bamboo Gate


The Safety 1st Nature Next Bamboo door is an eco-friendly option to limit access between rooms. This also works well as a gate for families with pets. It comes with pressure mounted set up, is flexible, and allows you to make a pet-friendly and safe area in your home, whether you own cats or small dogs.

You can use it in doorways and openings ranging from 28 to 42 inches wide, providing a 24-inch tall barrier. The dimensions are 24 x 26 x 2 inches, with a weight limit of 30 pounds, and it is only 4.4 pounds in weight.


Made of durable bamboo, a renewable resource, and it also has 100% recycled plastic panels.


Its black and tan colors will complement any home’s decor. Because it’s a tension-mount option, it is simple to install and remove from doors and openings.

The pressure mounted setup is quick and simple, and it can be moved between rooms as necessary. It curls up small enough to tuck away in a corner when not in use and has a reasonably low price tag.

Key Features

  • CUSTOMIZABLE WIDTH: It is 24 inches high and adjusts to fit doorways and openings 28 to 42 inches wide.
  • SECURE AND STURDY: It comes with non-marring bumpers to keep your woodwork free of dings and scratches of your smaller dogs or cats.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: This pressure mounted gates’ installation is quick and easy in doorways and other pass-through areas. It requires no included hardware or tools, even no assembly.
  • DESIGN: Mesh design that is subtle and see-through.

Things I like

  • Eco-friendly, so no hassle of toxic color or chemicals.
  • Its customizable width is very useful.
  • It has ease of installation.
  • Affordable too.
  • Some find it even better than the metal ones. Easiest and strongest while being light weighted.

Things could be better

  • The metal latching mechanism does not work over the wood bar sometimes.

Safety 1st Eco-Friendly Bamboo Gate FAQs

Can it be used on top of the stairways?

Well, technically, yes. It can be installed anywhere within 28 to 42 inches of width. As it is
pressure mounted, it needs hinges to be installed.

What tools are required to install this gate?

It does not require any tools and can be installed by adjusting the width. It features a pressure
mounting installation process that does not require any drilling.

What do customers think? (Review Summary)

The customers are very fond of the metal latch that keeps the door closed. Also, the installation
process is easy, and the overall construction seems extremely strong. Squeezing through this
gate for the pets is quite impossible.

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Pet friendly Baby Gate Alternative

If you don’t have enough budget for a baby gate, you can also buy an adjustable door strap to baby proof the doors but allow cats easy access.

Door Buddy Child Proof Door Lock

Door Buddy Child Proof Door Lock to baby door

The Door Buddy is perfect for families looking for the safety of a baby gate but not the commitment. This adjustable door strap keeps doors open wide enough to let cats enter rooms with the litter box and cat food while keeping it narrow enough to keep out dogs and babies. 

As far as interior cat doors go, The Door Buddy offers a quick and easy solution that doesn’t require any tools to install. If you’re worried about pinched fingers, this pack comes with a foam door stopper to prevent doors from closing. 

Material type:

The strap itself is made from Polyester. The 3M tape adhesive ensures an effective hold while the foam door stopper adds an extra level of safety. Please note that The Door Buddy should be used on the door frame and the door, not drywall. 


The Door Buddy adjustable door strap comes in a white and grey chevron print. The strap sticks to most door types (bi-fold, sliding, and pocket doors included) with 3M tape adhesive. It is ideal for homes looking for a non-permanent door proofing solution. 

You can also adjust the strap to fit your desired door gap based on your needs or cat’s size. The strap extends to 6 inches at its widest width, with the shortest being 0-2 inches long. 

Pack includes:

The Door Buddy combo pack comes with one strap and hook closure, and one foam door stopper. 

Key Features

MADE IN USA: Uses locally sourced materials and is manufactured at their warehouse in Alabama. 

ADJUSTABLE: Expands and contracts based on your cat’s size. 

AFFORDABLE: Coming in at under $20, The Door Buddy is an affordable child safety solution. 

EASY TO INSTALL: All you need to do is peel, stick, and adjust. Removal is just as easy too.

EASY TO USE & CONVENIENT:  Can be used one-handed which is helpful when you have your hands full. Fits on most door types – including sliding doors.

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Things to Consider Before Buying the Pet Friendly Baby Gate with Cat door

Baby gate with a cat door

Both baby and pet gates are produced from a variety of components, largely metal and wood, and can be used for either purpose. While longevity may be compromised, the design seems to have more importance than material.

Furthermore, manufacturers will usually specify the primary purpose of their safety baby gates with pet doors. For example, whether it is intended to be used above or below stairs, indoors or outdoors, and whether it is a child or pet gate.

When shopping for baby gates with pet doors, make sure they can be used to baby proof kitchen in order to restrict your crawlers from refrigerators, drawers or cabinets. Also, avoid doors that must be at their full width to fit.

Here are some other things to keep an eye out for:

Easy Operation

Baby gates with pet doors should be smooth to open and close. Parents should be able to pass through the door with or without their baby in their arms. On the other hand, it is not should be able to let your child open it on their own.

  1. Decide how you want to install it

Pressure mounted gates, also known as “on-pressure” doors, fit all doorways and staircases. They are suitable for occasional use because they are installed without drilling into the surfaces. These doors are sturdy and well-fitting, but they require a sturdy door frame or banisters to support them.

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Pressure fit doors are classified into three types:

  • U-Pressure Fits have a ‘U’-shaped frame and are suitable for daily use because of a large walk-through section. You can purchase extensions to allow it to fit into larger spaces.
  • Another one is Safety Barriers. There is no walk-through section on Safety Barriers and are best suited for occasional use. For instance, when you’re on vacation or when your child is visiting his grandparents. They are extendable and thus do not require extensions.
  • Fix-to-the-wall ones are recommended for use at the top of stairwells and for long-term use. To fit the baby gates with pet doors into the walls, drill holes in them and secure them with screws. You won’t need extensions because the doors have two extendable panels.
  1. Decide how you want it to open and close
My cat is sitting next to the open baby gate
My cat is sitting next to the baby gate

Your toddlers should have a difficult time opening baby gates. The gate should, however, be simple for you to open. It could, for instance –, have a one-handed opening.

Manufacturers of baby gates understand that you have a lot on your plate as a parent. That’s why they design it so that it opens effortlessly for you but not so easy for your child.

There are numerous opening options available-

  • When standards only require two actions, a three-action opening is appropriate for the most curious children or to convince stressed parents.
  • Swinging ones that open in both directions.
  • The one you can open with one hand.
  • When the children are not present, the doors can be left open.

Closings, in addition to openings, are a factor. When you’re not using it, it should be simple to close.

Closing options include-

  • Auto close feature.
  • Doors that slam shut.
  • Manually Close doors.

Easy installation

Just about all baby gates with pet doors, even pressure mounted ones, will necessitate some installations. Some, however, involve more setup than others. And some hardware-mounted doors may not even include all of the tools required for installation. When looking for the best baby gates, search for something simple to put up.

Of course, configuration difficulty in a baby gate with pet door is somewhat subjective. Some people may have difficulty installing a simple door, and vice versa.

You do, however, want to read the reviews. Be planned if difficult installation is a frequent complaint.

Slats Gap

According to the Juveniles Product Manufacturing Association (JPMA), the gap in between slats should be less than 3 inches. Wider gaps may cause children to squeeze between them or become stuck. And to prevent climbing, the slats in a baby gate with pet door must always be vertical.


See if the one you’re interested in is wide enough for the space where it will be installed. It will usually come in a variety of lengths for you to choose from. Some people, however, have narrow hallways or extra wide corridors. In this case, you might want to look for one according to the size of your opener.

Some baby gates come with hardware to extend them if you need an extra wide one. In this case, you may not have to purchase a super wide door. However, it all depends on the type of baby gates you buy.


A cat is crossing a baby door through the cate door

To prevent overly daring children or pets from having to jump over it, you must purchase one with at least three-quarters the height of your child. For safety, any door you buy should be at least 23 inches tall.

However, if you have a tall toddler or large pets who may want to climb it, you should go a little higher. In that case, extra tall gates are available.

Safety certification

When seeking the best baby gates with pet doors for your home, you may want to consider only certified baby gates. After all, baby gates that satisfy all safety standards are essential.

The American Society for Testing or the JPMA must certify any baby gate you purchase. These organizations certify products that are safe to use.

Sturdy construction

Safety doors should be able to maintain their strength and pressure for an extended period of time. Look for solid construction and a smooth finish.

Reputable products will also include a warranty that will cover the replacement of parts or the replacement of the entire door if a defect is discovered.

Color and design

Some parents will indeed prefer baby gates that have a nice appearance, while others might not even care. You can, for example, find baby safety doors that have a rustic or wooden appearance.

Some features an accented with a wood finish, blending wood and steel in a stunning design. Others are made of pure aluminum, resulting in a tough cookie barrier.

Easy removal

There are numerous reasons why you might want to temporarily remove your baby gate. Perhaps you’re throwing a party, and your child is at their grandparents’ house, so there is no need for baby gates.

Whatever the reason may be, good baby gates can be removed easily when not in use. Then it can be easily put back on later, too.

Easy storage & portability

Another thing to consider is where you will keep the baby gate when it is not in use. When you’re not using it, a good baby gate with pet door is supposed to fold up and take up little space.

Most baby gates make it simple to transport them, whether you require a place to store them or are moving to a new home. Some fold in two or more directions, making them easier to store.


What is your budget telling you?

The best baby gates aren’t too pricey. They can, however, definitely add up depending on the model, features, length, and styling. Some parents may want to spend more money to have the bestest baby gates they can access, whereas others may prefer a low-cost one that does the job done.

Additional features

Do you want to baby proof bookshelf? Or do you want to baby proof wood stove? Based on your requirements, you may want some extra features in it, like lights for safe use at night or extra width for archways. Evaluate your possibilities and find the best solution for both your kids & pets!

That being said, these are the features to look for when choosing to buy a baby gate.

What Not to Buy

Always, it is better to purchase a new one than to accept a hand-me-down. Old doors may be out of date, contain dangerous features, or have had safety issues. Choose something that is promised to be the safest for your baby.

Avoid old-fashioned collapsible doors and doors with V-shaped open positions at the top that lack a horizontal filler bar. These are hazardous to one’s safety.

Baby Gates with Pet Doors (FAQs)

Baby gate in the outside

How do I choose a pet gate?

Pet owners, simply ask yourself these four questions before proceeding with pet gate shopping.

  1. Why do I need it?
  2. What kind of door do I need?
  3. What material should it be?
  4. How do I mount it?

Please read further on these topics.

Is it safe to have a cat door?

It is, indeed.

A cat gate, for e.g., can enable your cat to use their litter box without being bothered by a curious dog. A slight door can also serve as an important easy escape for a cat while keeping a larger cat and dog out. Cat gates can also be used to welcome a new cat into your home.

A cat gate, according to Russell Hartstein, founder of Fun Paw Care and cat behaviorist, gives a new kitty her own space. However, she has the opportunity to acclimate to her new surroundings gradually. Cat gates are also useful if there are cat violence or other behavior issues that necessitate control of various areas in the house.

Can a cat get through a baby gate?

Baby gates with pet doors are obviously only appropriate for cats and a small dog that can fit easily through the pet doors. If the cat is thin enough, it may be able to pass through the slats. Alternatively, your large Maine Coon cat may be able to fit through your baby gates.

How high does a cat gate need to be?

It’s best to get a gate that’s at least 30 inches tall, with a cat gate that’s 8 inches tall.

Can you use a baby gate for a dog?

Both baby and pet gates are made of various materials, mainly metal and wood, and can be used for either purpose.

Free-standings are ideal for small dogs and puppies in general. They are not, however, appropriate for children unless they are constantly supervised.

How do you introduce a cat to a gate?

Install any of these baby gates with pet door at the entrance to your chosen room. When all of the cats are calm, open the door and let them transmit through it.

How high should dog gates be?

My dog is sitting next to the extra tall baby gate
I feel sorry for my dog Mango that he can’t cross the baby gate through the cat door :p

Dog gates come in two heights, considering the size of your dog-

  1. Extra tall.
  2. Medium height.

Tall dog gates are usually a little more than a meter tall. On the other hand, extra tall dog gates are better suited for bigger dog breeds such as Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Dalmatians, Boxers, Greyhounds, and so on.

A dog gate is commonly about 20 inches tall for medium-sized to small dogs.

Final Verdict: So Which Gate should you choose?

Baby gates are intended for your child. Since you own a cat or a dog, however, you might like to retain them out of certain spaces of your house as well.

Whatever the purpose maybe, I have a personal recommendation for you to end with. To choose the best pet friendly baby gates with cat doors, I would go with the Fairy Baby Safety Gate with Cat Door.

All in all, it will give you more durability (withstand up to 210 pounds) and area coverage since it is the widest and tallest baby gate with pet door on the list. Also, it comes with a warranty of 2 years to fulfill customer satisfaction. And there are extensions available for you to purchase separately, in case.

If you don’t object to spending a bit more on a baby gate that will make your household chores more peaceful and keep your baby, cat, and dog safe, then this is the one. However, the decision is completely yours, based on your needs and budget. Whatever you may choose, I hope this article was helpful in making that decision.

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