Child Proofing Toilet Paper Holder: 10 Tips to Save from the Kid

Do you want to keep your baby or pets from unrolling an entire roll of toilet paper and tossing it into the toilet, and trailing it around the house?

If your toddler enjoys tugging on the end of the toilet paper and unraveling the whole roll, causing a big mess in the bathroom, this article will be beneficial to you. Because I have gathered these ideas from many mothers around my community for you. So buckle up, mommies!

How to Childproof Toilet Paper?

A toddler holding a toilet paper

Remember, your baby is no longer an infant now. If you stack your toilet paper rolls within your child’s reach, you will have a difficult time once s/he is old enough to stroll. You don’t want toilet paper strewn across your floor. Do you!

Since you have found this article, I guess you don’t. So let’s jump right in to rescue your house from the toilet paper flood.

#1 Hide the toilet paper where your baby can’t reach

Baby brushes and toilet paper on wooden hanger
p.c. Karolina

Your easiest way is to put the toilet paper where your baby can’t reach it, such as locked boxes, drawers & cabinets (don’t forget to secure them with childproof safety locks).

Keep everything hidden away in locked drawers or cabinets to keep them away from temptation. Store your spare toilet paper high up on a window shelf or nearby in a linen cupboard. Rather than the sitting area, counter or anywhere within your little child’s reach.

Remove or lock away any equipment that could be used as a stepping stone in the same sphere as climbing, including step stools.

Notice if your child can reach the counter by climbing on top of the toilet. Which is dangerous in and of itself.

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Put toilet paper roll to the cardboard

Box with object wrapped in brown paper
p.c. Ketut subiyanto

Secure the toilet paper roll to the inside cardboard using a large office paper clip. When I tried this, I didn’t think my clip was large enough to do the job, so if you want to try this, use a larger clip.

Trick #3

Insert the roll in a way that you must pull the paper upward to unravel it. Make the unraveling mission completely challenging for your small toddler.

#4 Install a lock

Bathroom lock

Installing a lock on a bathroom door that your child is less likely to try to open is a good idea. By doing so, you don’t have to be as strict with interior products as much.

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#5 Install a Control Mechanism

You can also buy devices that limit how much toilet paper you can get in one grab. You can buy one like ‘The Mom Invented Toilet Paper Saver’. The machine has a locking system, preventing the user from unrolling more than is needed. Of course, if you require additional paper, you will be able to obtain it.

This simple mechanism, on the other hand, works as a toilet paper saver and can go a long way toward helping to control toilet paper use.

#6 DIY: Make your own toilet paper protector

making toilet paper cover/protector by recycling a plastic 2-liter soda pop bottle

If that is not available to you, make your own toilet paper cover/protector by recycling a plastic 2-liter soda pop bottle. Here’s how:

Step A

To make your toilet paper roll cover, cut off the top and bottom of a soda bottle, such as a Coke bottle.

Step B

Assess the size of your wall-mounted toilet paper roll holder – mine was 4 3/4 inches (12 cm) along.

Step C

To match your decor, cover all raw edges with a plastic strip or tape.

Step D

Use a piece of plastic tape across the open sides of a double roll of toilet paper. Attach both sides, leaving a 1/4 inch (0.64 cm) or larger opening/gap for the toilet paper to hang out.

Step E

Remove the toilet roll and shaft from the wall mount, insert it into your new toilet roll cover, and reattach the toilet roll to the wall mount. Voilà!

Although this is one of the most frugal baby tips, you can buy a toilet paper guard to save some time rather than making your own toilet paper roll cover (if that’s available to you).

#7 Wrap with a rubber band to baby proof toilet paper holder

toilet paper wraping with a rubber band

Wrap the roll with a rubber band which you can slide to the toilet paper dispenser every time you use it and rewrap once you are done.

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#8 Buy a child/ pet proof toilet paper dispenser

child/ pet proof toilet paper dispenser
p.c. Yohom

You can also buy a uniquely designed toilet paper dispenser/holder that is available in the market. It has a lid flap that keeps the toilet paper in place. This toilet paper holder is specifically designed to protect the toilet roll from small children and pets, as it is now much more difficult to tug and unravel the toilet roll.

Plus, this toilet paper holder also makes it super easy for parents to tear off the right amount of toilet paper with one hand when they go to the bathroom. That’s how it also works as a toilet paper saver.

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#9 Teach your toddler bathroom etiquette

One of the most crucial matters you can really do is teach your toddler proper toilets/bathroom etiquette and why certain tasks are not permitted. This is an essential aspect of potty training. You will want your toddler to be able to use the restroom correctly and to have as little strain as possible during the learning process.

Just keep on the watch and repeatedly tell your baby “no” when he or she starts the unraveling until the message is received. Let your kids know that this is not an allowed behavior and give them some time to cope with the lesson.

#10 Make a personal toilet for your kids

Make at least one bathroom in the house specifically for your children (if that is convenient). So that your kids can learn and grow in a safe environment without causing any trouble or risks.

You can achieve this by including bright colors, child-friendly toys and decor. Put some unique and handy stuff that your child can use without supervision as they grow older.


It’s not always easy to baby proof an area for many parents, while still providing an environment your little ones feel comfortable in. However, by stepping through the tips listed in this article, you’ll be well on your way to saving your toilet papers from wasting and your house being a mass.

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