5 Ways to Child proof Sink Faucet: The Ultimate Guide

Small children are a lot of fun, but they also cause problems. As their parents, we always want our kids’ lives as safe as possible and develop various solutions. One thing that is in your control is the sink faucet. The sink faucet is the perfect place for children to pull out their hair and put their fingers in hot water. This can cause severe burns and injuries to the baby if something isn’t done. In this guide, I’ll show you how I childproof the sink faucet in my bathroom sink so that you don’t have to worry about these issues anymore.

Install the spout cover

The spout cover is the easiest and most effective way of childproofing your sink or bathtub faucet. It will prevent your kids and toddlers from reaching the hot water tap, which is a safety risk for the children to get wet or burn their skin.

spout cover on the Sink Faucet

The spout cover goes on top of the faucet and attaches with two screws on each side, just like a drink cup does. It’s made of BPA-free plastic that won’t melt when placed in hot water so that it will last for years.

You attach the spout cover by simply unscrewing the old cover and attaching it to your new one. You’ll want to make sure you childproof your sink faucet before installing this product to ensure everything is done correctly. It will take a few hours.

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Install a lock

child proof sink faucet lock

The second easy way to childproof a sink faucet is by installing a lock. Placing a lock on the faucet will prevent children from pulling out their hair, and it will also keep them from turning on the water without parental supervision.

To install a lock, you’ll need to buy an inexpensive one that you can use with the faucet. This locked faucet is kids safe and will make sure they don’t contact hot water. It’s essential to choose a faucet and make it easy for adults to install.

If you are worried about it talk with your plumber or take measurements of your sink before purchasing and installing it.

Once you’ve got your lock in place, be sure to keep it secured with a key or a small padlock. Try keeping the key hidden in a drawer or burying it under some loose soil in your backyard to ensure maximum security.

Add a splash guard

Another way is to purchase a splash guard. It’s a simple piece of plastic that attaches to your faucet and is shaped so that it covers the entire spout. This will prevent the access of little hands from getting in the way of temperature fill water.

If you’re worried about children pulling out hair or putting their fingers in hot water or even cold water, then purchasing handle locks and splash guard is the perfect solution for your household!


Install the spout stopper

Universal Bathroom Sink Stopper

Use a spout stopper with a lock to prevent children from pulling their hair and putting their fingers in the water. A spout stopper is a device that’s placed on the end of your sink faucet and prevents children from turning it on.

Installing this device is super easy and only takes a few minutes. You’ll need to loosen the screws, slide them onto the sink, tighten them back up, and then test it out to ensure its services are working correctly.

If you’re not sure how to install this device or need help with any other part of this process, don’t worry! There are tons of helpful guides that you can search online to walk you through it step by step. And you can tag along with them.


Putting in a handle

It’s a good idea for your sink faucet to put in a handle on the end of your sink faucet. A faucet handle resistance will ensure that kids do not get their fingers stuck in the hot water tap and injure their skin by the hot water temperature.

To put in a handle on your sink faucet, you’ll need to buy a replacement part from the market. You can find these replacement parts at most hardware stores and install them. Once you get the part, remove the handle from your old sink faucet and replace it with a new childproof faucet handle. If you have worries about removing the old one, don’t worry! Easy!

A plumber or handyman should be able to help you take it out for you quickly in less than hours.


DIY way to child proof sink faucet

  • Firstly you have to put a plastic, rubber, or foam-backed cloth around the faucet handle. This will prevent your child from going into the sink and pulling out their hair.
  • Next, take a long strip of Velcro and stick it on the bottom of the faucet handle. Make sure your strip comes up high enough so that your child cannot reach over it to pull at their hair.
  • The last step is to ensure there is no gap between the faucet handles and the back of the cabinet where your sink is located. If there is a gap, you’ll need something to fill it for your child not to reach their hands inside. A small piece of foam-backed cloth would do this job well.

And there you have it! You now know how to keep your children safe and prevent them from getting injured when they play in the sink! This will require restraint for your baby, and you can shower in your bathroom without worry.

How to Adjust Water Heater for baby Proof Sink Faucet Temperature

Most modern sinks have a temperature adjustment knob on them. This is the perfect place to set your sink temperature to a safe level.

If you find it too hot then knob down and ensure it’s not too hot for your child to handle. If it’s too cold, you can turn the knob up and ensure your child isn’t in danger of getting frostbite.

Here are some easy steps that can adjust the temperature of your water heater:

1) Turn off power at the fuse box or circuit breaker

2) Find the two-wire connectors that come out of the wall (usually, one is red and one is black). Unplug these connectors from the electrical outlet by pulling them straight up

3) Turning off the plug from the faucet spout

4) Twist wires together as tight as possible without damaging them

5) Use a wire stripper or knife to strip both ends of wires back about 1/8 inch or until the exposed copper color is gone from both ends of wires and hide them.

6) Solder each wire back together using a small piece of solder or a heat gun with a solder tip

7) Connect both feed wires back into an electrical outlet


To keep your children safe and save money on costly health care, you need to be mindful of the dangers around your home. Safety around the home is something parents always have to worry about, especially when it is leading to their children. To ensure your little one’s safety, ensure your sink faucet is childproof.

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