Hello there, I am Kinga. Welcome to ‘Baby Bangs‘ World 🙂

I am a young and super mom of my only daughter Lucy. Even though I am a business graduate, I was always passionate about writing.

We got married in 2017 and after 1 year Lucy has born (the best feeling in my life).

Being a mom and babysitter for the past 3 years I know what product is the best for your kids. I research and review any kind of baby product whenever I buy something for Lucy.

How did Baby Bangs start?

I was only 23 when I got married and Lucy was born after a year.

Luckily being a babysitter past 3 years I didn’t have to worry about taking care of Lucy.

I know DO and DON’T. 

Last year I was thinking I have already babysitter experience and I know the pain of young parents so why not help other young and inexperienced moms by sharing my parenting life experiences and ideas. That’s how Baby Bangs started.

In general, I am super picky about baby products and I do a lot of research before buying something for Lucy. Whenever I buy something for her I share my thoughts on my Blog and very often I get many nice messages from young moms. I truly appreciate any kind of nice words, suggestions and feedback.

How is this blog going to help you?

As a baby product review and parenting blog, Baby Bangs will help you to find the best suitable products such as Baby Swings, best Baby walkers, and so on for your kids and toddlers. As an experienced babysitter and mom, my suggestions will make your parenting life super easy.

Trust me being a parent is not tough if you really know how to handle it.

What Kind of product do I review?

I review any kind of baby product whenever I buy something for Lucy. Often I surprise her with new gifts, baby toys, sweet baby clothes, and so on. She loves surprises and that makes me happy.

By the way, we are planning to adopt a Dog (Mango) this year and I think soon I can share my ideas about Dog care too 🙂 

How can you reach me?

As I said before, I am always open to any kind of compliments and suggestions, so you can reach me through this contact form or shoot me an email simply saying, Hey Kinga 🙂