Jumper vs Walker: Which is the Better Choice?

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"Should I go for a jumper or a walker for my baby? I am not quite sure which one to buy."

"Wait, aren't both the same?"

This answer right there exposes your lack of information.

As a mother, you have to be well informed about every product your baby comes in contact with. 

Without knowing full details, you can't just jump to a conclusion about baby jumper and best baby walker

At first, I was as confused as you are right now. I overcame this situation with thorough research. There are some quality jumper walker combo too in the market. Feel free to read my recent review of best 7 jumper walker combo.

A baby walker and baby jumper both devices help kids with movements along with playing.

Here in this article, I have summoned all the necessary aspects of both products to help the purchase decision needed for mothers and parents.


Baby jumpers

Baby walker

Appropriate age

4 months

6-7 months

Space needed

Small spaces

Large spaces

Kind of activity

Playing and jumping

Walking and multipurpose use

Additional feature

Spinning seat with toys 

It is decorated with multiple toys, activity tray





Prolonged usage can have an adverse effect on the baby

It requires a high level of attention.

We see that they are not similar. Next, we explore both these products' specification in details and the pros and cons they offer.

Baby Jumper

Baby Jumper

Wouldn't it put a smile on the mother's face when she sees her baby playing by himself or herself? 

Most mothers buy jumpers when their baby learns to seat. It's the type of tool that lets the baby jump by pushing his weight by the legs. 

Mechanism of the tool is top class yet straightforward. You'll see a hoop attached to the frame that makes sure that the jumper is static and an elastic strap designed to help the baby play.

Babies love to play on a jumper. Jumping requires the leg to push the body up. So, while your son is playing, he is also spending some energy. It will help the baby sleep better.

Of course, like every excellent product jumper have some downsides.

We are going to talk about them but first, let's have a look at their Key specifications:

  • Jumpers ensure full-body movement of the baby. The base is fully elastic, allowing good landing experience
  • Jumpers have spinning, padded seat. The baby can play freely and come into contact with all the toys attached from the start
  • Most jumpers grow with the children as it is elastic. So, when the baby doesn't use it as a jumper, it can always be used as an activity centre
  • Stylish jumpers have a music system. When the baby jumps, the music goes off. It gives immense joy to the baby
  • It is perfect for a four months old baby. It is the age when babies start to seat. So, the jumper would help build leg muscle which will eventually soothe their walking
  • The jumper comes with a price range of less than $50 to well over $300

Advantages of Baby Jumpers

  • As it is static, you don't have to pay additional attention to the baby and keep working independently
  • From my experience, children enjoy the jumper more than the walker or any similar device
  • Jumping up and down exhausts the children, helping them sleep.
  • Attached toys are very influential and help build intellectuality in a fun way

Disadvantages of Baby Jumpers

  • As babies don't really know what they are doing, they can have uneven muscles development due to jumping
  • Many doctors believe that jumper causes a delay in foot movements
  • Being a big piece of tool, it will take ample space in your household.
  • Regular inspection needed

Baby Walker

Baby Walker

Want your kids to roam around the house and play with his favourite toys? Vtech sit to stand learning walker is the perfect equipment for that. 

The device has wheels touching the floor and a solid plastic base for the baby to seat. Two holes on the bottom allow the baby to access its leg. Majority of the walkers now come with height adjustability and an activity centre; many consumers like to call it food tray.

Walkers need a large space to operate, and it is a must to clean the possible area where the walker will run. Babies who will handle this have no balance of their own. So, it is ideal for clearing out the whole area.

You have to wait until the baby is 6-7 months old to handover a walker. Walker is ideal for a baby that can stand and learning to walk. 

It doesn't help much with walking, but it for sure, makes it interesting.

Key specifications of a baby walker that parents need to consider

  • For the babies who can stand straight for a few seconds, Walker will help them walk. 
  • Toys installed in walker are super interactive. It takes good care of developmental skills keeping the fun games intact.
  • The big multi-purpose tray is suitable for tons of activity. The base is also made more comprehensive so that the baby is still unharmed when the walker hits something, 
  • Walkers are good for babies that are 6-7 months old.
  • The price range for walkers is forming less than $20 to well over $100.

Advantages of Baby Walker

  • The child maintains a healthy posture while playing.
  • Who doesn't long for freedom, right? Babies too, long for space and enjoy walker as it gives the option to explore independently. 
  • New walkers have an option to lock their wheels. You can switch to the static mode when you are a little busy to allocate your full attention. 
  • Being a little cautious never hurts. So, if you leave upstairs, make sure there is no way the baby can reach that. And keep all the harmful pieces of stuff away from the baby.

Disadvantages of Baby Walker

  • The primary concern is an injury in terms of the walker. Lack of attention results to injuries.
  • Walkers only delay the learning process of walking. 
  • Crawling is essential for a baby to develop some life skills. Continuous usage will not let that happen.
  • The child's body doesn't grow in right proportion as walker provides full support in the chest, leaving the back, hips, and the legs alone.

Parents love to see their children happy. This very fact can test their limit to absolute best. The result is not always what is hoped for; instead, sometimes it's disastrous. So, Parents should look at these facts before finally making a decision. 

Jumper and Walker: Which one to buy?

Jumper vs Walker

Both are fun and engaging. Even so, Jumpers have some upper hand above walkers.

Jumpers are stationary and relatively safer because with a walker baby moves freely, and stairs and other dangerous elements come into consideration. So, you have to pay more attention than usual.

Baby Einstein Neighborhood Friends Activity Jumper is one of the best baby jumper in the market right now. You can read the full review.

Walker too doesn't lag far behind. It has fair shares of advantages over a jumper.

With a walker, the baby moves freely, giving away a sense of freedom while with a jumper he might feel tied down.

Walker stages walking as a fun activity, but the jumper is merely keeping your child busy.

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Jumper vs Walker: Wrap up

I like being overprotective in matters related to my baby. Whether it's the walker or the jumper you decide to buy, be sure to get all the information about the subject matters I stated. 

This comparison is always a trendy one. Both have positive and negative sides. With proper supervision, babies will love the experience.

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