Baby Wigs for Bald Babies: Made just for Little Girl

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Baby Wigs are an innovative new hair accessory/enhancement.

A unique ready-to-wear combination hair/headband miniature hairpiece, made size appropriate for infants and baby girls only.

HAIR+band accessory combination allows baby girl's (with little or no hair at all) the opportunity to have a beautifully realistic HAIR style in a SNAP!!

Baby Wig for girl

It's quick, easy and baby barely knows it's there. HAIR+band has been made using only the finest ribbons and fabrics, come to you pre-customized & size appropriate, cut, styled and ready for immediate wear. The wispy hair strands have been arranged in the cutest most adorable elfish coiffure!

A delicate row of Baby Pink Fleurs with stitching details in Soft Yellow & Black. Sheer Ribbon underlay and Bow (w/ Faux Pearl Drop in center) in Sheer Black.

Product availability: Coming soon

2. Daisy in the Sky


A delicate row of Winter White Fleurs with stitching details in Pure White. Sheer Ribbon underlay and Bow (w/ Faux Pearl Drop in center) in Sheer White.

Product availability: Coming soon

3. London Flower


A delicate row of vanilla fleurs with stitching details in pink strawberry. Sheer Ribbon underlay and bow in light pink w/ faux pearl drop in center.

Product availability: Coming soon

4. Fairy Tale Flowers

A delicate row of emerald/forest green fleurs with stitching details in bluish green.  Sheer Ribbon underlay and bow in light grayish blue w/ faux pearl drop in center.

Product availability: Coming soon

5. Geranium Vivace

A delicate row of rose, olive, and lavender fleurs with stitching details in rose. Sheer Ribbon underlay and bow in sheer lavender w/ faux pearl drop in center.

Product availability: Coming soon


Baby Hair  strands colors

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do the Baby wigs stay on?

Baby wigs hair+bands stay on just like a normal headband does, the only difference is our baby wigss! Hair strands have been constructed into the hairband itself.

Q: Are Baby wigs safe?

Absolutely! Baby wigs hair+bands have passed safety testing for infants 0-9 months! Our hair+bands are not intended to harm children in any way--they are intended to enhance baby girls appearance in a fun and memorable way.

The hair strands and materials used are constructed out of the same kinds of fabrics and/or materials used to make standard children's hair accessories. No metals of any kind have been used to create baby wigs.

Q: What size are Baby wigs?

Baby wigs are made to fit comfortably on any infants head size, and recommended for infants 0-9 months.

Q: How do I clean Baby wigs?

With purchase, you will be provided with full care instructions and also quick easy placement instructions.

Q: What are the linings of Baby wigs made of?

The material that sits closest to baby's skin is made of soft fleece. Each of our baby wigs! Hair+bands are thoroughly lined using a thin soft fleece layer which is safe and comfortable for baby's sensitive skin.

Q: Can I use a Curling Iron to curl Baby Wigs?

No! Use of any heated appliance could damage the Baby wigs hair strands. Please do not use any electrical appliances on the Baby wigs hair strands.

Q: Can my toddler wear Baby Wigs?

Although Baby wigs are recommended for infants 0-9 months, toddlers can wear Baby wigs comfortably with parental supervision.

Q: Can I let my baby sleep wearing the Baby wigs hair+band?

We do not recommend leaving baby wigs hair+band on any child while sleeping. Also never leave baby unattended while wearing Baby wigs hair+band.

Q: How will I know which hair strand color to choose?

Really, any color will be fine! This will be your own personal choice. A suggestion could be to select your infant's Baby wigs hair strands to match that of either the Mother's, Father's or Sibling's natural hair color.

Q: When will I see new Baby wigs Styles?

We are currently working on lots of new styles and designs! So keep checking back at our site often!

Q: What is the exact size of the Baby wigs?

The Baby wigs hair+band measures 11" circumference unstretched, and at maximum stretch it measures 20" circumference. The ribbon dimensions are 1/2 inch wide sheer underlaying ribbon with 3/8 inch wide floral overlay. The bow measures 1 1/2 inches.

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