Is it safe to be on Weight Watchers (WW) During Pregnancy?

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Pregnancy and weight watchers are the two terms that may be appealing together, but the reality directs to some unpleasant facts. Yes, while being pregnant you will get the extra Weight here and there, it must be very much exciting for an expectant to be in shape through dieting and all.

But is it actually out of harm to continue or start weight watchers during pregnancy? Well, to find an exact answer you must need a clear idea about weight watchers.

To be precise, Weight Watchers or WW International, Inc. is a US-based organization that focuses on designing diet plans and lifestyle for weight loss and, in a greater sense, for healthy living.

Follow the segments below to explore the “to be or not to be on weight watchers during pregnancy” feud.

How does Weight Watchers Work?

Basically, Weight Watchers gives thorough individual planning based on their age, Weight, sex, medical condition and so on. This platform got immensely famous due to its customizable facilities. They have three plans named the purple plan, the green plan and the blue plan.

Each of the plans has different “SmartPoints”; basically, the easy way to count day to day calorie. The ultimate goal is to lose weight and cut all the extra fats. Users can track and get instructed on their calorie intake and workout routine.

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Is weight watchers safe during pregnancy?

Before moving forward, let’s see what the experts say; Monique Richard, RD, an integrative dietitian nutritionist and owner of Nutrition-in-Sight states that DIETING during pregnancy can harm both the mother and the baby’s nutritional integrity can even cause long term consequences.

According to the official site, “WW’s program is not designed for pregnant members, and WW does not allow pregnant people to join. If you’re already a member and become pregnant, it’s recommended that you cancel your WW membership.”

It is crystal clear that the authority does not design their programs to fit an expecting mother and prohibits joining during pregnancy.

Nutritional Aspects

A pregnant mother needs a high volume of nutrients, be it carbs, proteins, vitamins and minerals; everything should be in a particular quantity to promote good health. Under such circumstances cutting off any specific food can lead to severe health conditions.

Inappropriate Workouts

As Weight Watchers do not plan any program for pregnant women, one does not know whether the assigned workouts are appropriate for a pregnant woman or not. No wonder complicated pregnancies demand complete rest; in such cases, inappropriate can even lead to miscarriage.

Issues During Breastfeeding

If a pregnant mother skimps certain types of foods during or after pregnancy to lose weight, it will show results during breastfeeding. No doubt, breastmilk will lack that specific type of nutrients. In a nutshell, the baby will not be provided with proper nutrients.

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Alternatives to Weight Watchers

  • Body Acceptance: A normal pregnancy will add extra Weight due to the developed placenta, Amniotic fluid, extra blood, and excess water retention. It can add up to extra 20 pounds no matter whether you are already overweight or skinny. Every mother should accept these changes beforehand and curb all the dieting plans for the time being.
  • Brief Walk: Though certain types of workouts are considered safe during pregnancy, nothing beats regular walking. It helps preserve health and also maintains good digestive action.
  • Proper Diet: Ask your gynecologist to provide an appropriate diet to ensure all the nutrients or simply ask for supplements like Emergen-C, Ensure, etc. These supplements can offer great nutritional value to the body. A good diet will keep every difficulty away.
  • Lose Weight Beforehand: If you are overweight, you can lose weight before planning a baby. Therefore, you won’t have to be worried about the extra weight during pregnancy.

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Final Takeaway

The process of growing a family will require your body to grow in some parts (no matter you wish or not); accepting the changes is the wisest thing. Doctors worldwide prohibit any food skimping during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Even if you are already on weight watchers, pause during the pregnancy and resume once you are delivered.



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