7 Best Baby Swings For Big Babies [For Heavy and Tall Baby]

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My baby has outgrown infancy and is a toddler; thus, I had to find baby swings that can carry a specific weight limits (20 pounds to 30 pounds) for big babies. But I got into trouble and tried a wide range of options because I didn't have any appropriate idea about swing for big babies.

Swings for big Babies

After experiencing several swings, I came to terms with the best seven baby swings for big babies. Try out the listed best baby swing reviews (firsthand experience) to get some extra hours for your power nap.

And guess what?

I have added a buying guide that includes "what to avoid"(most of the reviews do not cover!) besides "what to consider" while buying baby swing for big babies

And I know you want everything finest for your kid; thus, I suggest saving your time and going through the reviews. As each one of them is best baby swings for bigger babies for certain characteristics, the detailed review will help you to determine the perfect one for your requirements.

7 Best Baby Swing For Big Babies (The Ultimate Reviews)

These are my favorite Baby swings for bigger babies. And I've compared those swings between each other. So that you can take the buying decision easier. However, before buying always make sure you checked the specifications and customer reviews properly.



Best for


Graco EveryWay Soother Baby Swing

Graco EveryWay Soother Swing

Overall Perfect for Big Babies

Graco Blossom 6 in 1 Convertible High Chair

Graco Blossom 6 in 1

Big Twins/ Two Babies

Fisher-Price baby swing

Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny

Multiple Features

4moms mamaRoo 4 Baby Swing

4moms mamaRoo 4

High Tech Swing

Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker

Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker


Electric Baby Rocking Chair

Electric Rocking Chair


Baby Bouncer

Graco DuoGlider

Cozy Swing Seat

1. Graco EveryWay Soother - Overall Best Baby Swing For Bigger Babies

Graco EveryWay Soother Baby Swing
Maximum Weight Limit – 25 pounds

Graco belongs to 6 decades of legacy in serving both parents and children with unbelievable devices. The EveryWay baby rocker is probably the best addition by this brand. Though the name suggests swing, it can be used as a baby rocker; this swing is a baby soother in a greater sense.

Hardly any other model in the market is packed with so many features. There are significantly 16 soothing motions; 8 ways of swings in 2 (side to side and front to back) directions. Six-speed controlling options allow the parent's instinct to choose from different swing speeds for big babies to swing.

Also, there is a two-speed vibration control that maximizes the calming effects. 3 height adjustable settings suit a wide range of age span. The Seat is removable and can be used as a rocker as well. You can carry your older baby around the house at your convenience.

It offers soft toys, 15 songs including 5 nature sounds, and a toy mobile for toddlers to play as chosen for big babies. The exclusive and soft plush Seat is exceptionally comfortable even for infants also. 

Highlighting Features
  • 2 directions and 8 ways swing: arch, swing, bounce, figure 8, circle, wave, zig-zag, and sway
  • 16 motion soother including 6 speed limits
  • 2 vibration control and 3 adjustable height setting
  • 5 point quickly adjustable safety harness
  • Soft toys and 15 music options, including nature sound
  • It comes with a removable rocker
  • Machine washable fabric
  • Supports AC adapter

2. Graco Blossom 6 in 1- Best Swing for Big Twins/ Two Babies

Graco Blossom 6 in 1 Convertible High Chair
Maximum Weight Limit – up to 60 pounds (Toddler Booster & Youth chair) and 40 pounds (High Chair)

The Blossom is a blessing if you have twins or children of different ages as the chair can be converted into two chairs simultaneously. It offers 6 seat options (Infant high chair with recline, Infant booster, Seat for two children at once, Toddler booster, Traditional high chair, Youth chair).

It has 6 height adjustment features and 3 recline positions to be compatible with both infants and toddlers. It also provides three footrest options to support the infants and a seat insert tray for easy feeding.

This chair is designed in such a way that it helps the infants to balance properly while sitting. Highly portable due to the attached wheels. The wheels can be locked as well.

Dishwasher safe tray and machine-washable fabric keep the maintaining process so easy for busy parents. Also, 3 and 5- point harness belt keeps your large baby safely seated. 

Highlighting Features
  • 6 in one convertible chair for infants to 3 years old toddlers
  • 4 front locking wheels for portability and control
  • Dishwasher safe pull out seat insert tray for feeding and infant support
  • 6 height adjustment and 3 footrest options
  • 3 recline options for maintaining accurate posture
  • Sturdy framing and sleek design

3. Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny- Big Swing with Multiple Features

Fisher-Price baby swing
Maximum Weight Limit – 25 pounds

Probably the most soothing swing out there in the market, the Snugabunny Cradle 'n Swing offers two swinging motions (head to toes and side to side). From setting the children to sleep to an energetic Cradle 'n Swing experience, The 6 settings speed controlling settings serve different purposes.

The smart swing can sense the large baby's weight and sets the rhythm accordingly. The Seat adjusts to 3 positions: left-facing, center facing, and right-facing.2 recline positions are available that allow Parents to use this best baby swing for bigger babies.

The entertainment bar comes with a music system comprising 16 songs, including 2 nature sounds, and an automatic toy mobile with birds and mirrors. The toy bar is excellent for enhancing the visual and auditory senses. The extra plush seat also gives head and neck support to the infants.

Considering the safety, this swing meets JPMA and ASTM standards and also provides 5 point harness. Spot or wipe clean fabric helps to minimize the cleaning hassles.

Highlighting Features
  • 2 direction swing options and 6 customizable speed settings
  • 3 adjustable seat position and 2 recline options
  • 16 songs, an automatic mobile toy, and a soft bunny toy
  • The backside canopy design protects and supports the head and neck
  • Supports AC Adapter

4. 4moms mamaRoo 4- Best High Tech Big Baby Swing

4moms mamaRoo 4 Baby Swing
Maximum Weight Limit – 25 pounds

To be precise, this one does not belong to the traditional swings. It mimics the human movement and comforts the babies with a more familiar feeling, just like being in your arms.

The classic black color with sturdy nylon material ensures durability and also complements your house decor. There are 5 different motions available to keep even the crankiest child calm. The recline option goes beyond limits as it offers any position recline facility.

This baby swing is also compatible with Bluetooth and IOS. That means you can operate the whole thing using your phones. It also has an MP3 plugin system available to customize the music preferences.

It comes with three reversible toy balls (rattle, crinkle, & mirror) and a built-in music system (4 tracks). Both the music system and the toys are highly interactive and beneficial for any child's overall development. 

Here's my full review of 4mom MamaRoo baby swing.

Highlighting Features
  • 5 different motions (car ride and tree swing) and 5-speed control
  • Bluetooth and IOS compatibility
  • 4 music tracks with adjustable volume control
  • adjustable Any position seat recline
  • MP3 plugin available
  • Sturdy structure
  • AC adaptor

Disclaimer: This product is not for overnight sleeping as the surface never remains flat (slight recline is always there).

5. Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker- Best Budget-Friendly Swing

Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker
Maximum Weight Limit – 40 pounds

Apart from its magnificent performance, the appearance is a mentionable fact regarding this swing. The seat fabric is printed with adorable and cute prints and comes in beautiful colors. You would love to watch your big baby giggling in this pretty swing.

The Infant to Toddler Rocker mainly focuses on relaxing the babies and also develops their motor skills. The calming vibration feature comforts a big baby to sleep or can also fix the grumpy mood.

There are 2 comfortable recline positions so users can adjust the Seat at their convenience. The kickstand fold-out can easily be converted into a toddler chair. Thus the whole swing is multipurpose and can be used to feed, sleep, soothe, and play.

A removable toy bar with dangling butterfly clacker and tiger rollerball toys is also featured for entertainment purposes. These toys also improve eye and hand coordination. The swing runs on batteries, and the battery life goes for 20 hours.

Highlighting Features:
  • Cozy Vibration motion
  • Multiple soothing tunes to calm down the baby
  • 2 recline positions available
  • Folding design is excellent for portability and storage
  • Convertible kickstand for stationary toddler chair
  • Removable Toy bar with interactive toys

6. Electric Rocking Chair- Best Lightweight Swing for Big Babies

Electric Baby Rocking Chair
Maximum Weight Limit- 55 pounds (0 to 3 years)

Ahead of time, this electric swing needs no manual involvement yet ensures optimum performance every time. It comes with 6 controllable speed settings for convenient usage.

The toy bar has soft hanging toys, which helps to improve touching and grabbing skills. Also, it has the music sounds comprising 16 songs to soothe baby and enhances the auditory senses.

There are features for both infants and toddlers. There is a U shape pillow to provide head support to the infants. 2 recline position adjusts the swing as per your comfort.

Considering the safety measures, it has 5 point harness belt to keep the children away from falling.

Extremely easy to assemble all the parts. No extra help or tools required for installation. Again the swing we extremely lightweight thus is relatively easy to carry around.

It can be charged by USB adapter or by batteries. The construction is stable enough to carry high baby weight and extremely durable.

Highlighting Features:
  • Available toy bar with hanging toys and 16 songs options
  • Foldable design for portability and storage
  • Volume control is available
  • Structured to give support to newborns and infants.
  • 2 recline swing position 

7. Graco DuoGlider- Best Cozy Seat Swing

Baby Bouncer
Maximum weight limit- 5.50 to 30 Pounds (o to 4 months)

This 2 in 1 swing come rocker is excellent if you don't want to invest individually in rockers and swings. It can be both and with utmost convenience. The inbuilt smooth lever gently lowers the swing seat and converts it into a rocker.

It vibrates and swings simultaneously with two vibrating and six swing speeds. Whether you want to put your baby to sleep or you want him/ her to just rest or play, this 2 in 1 DuoGlider is appropriate for all. The three-swing position recline option makes the overall experience easy.

Moreover, 3 point safety belt keeps the baby secured and parents tension free. There is a toy bar to enhance hand movements and also develops overall coordination skill of your children. It also provides a sound system with soothing music and nature sounds.

It runs both on charging and battery; choose whatever is convenient for you. There is also a timer setting available to cut down power wastage. 

Key features
  • 6 swing and 2 vibration settings
  • One-hand recline liver smoothly lowers the swing seat and turns into a rocker
  • 3 position seat recline option
  • Suitable for both rocking and swinging
  • Provides Interactive toys and sound system
  • 3 point safety harness

Features to Look for when Buying the Best Baby Swings For Big Babies

Baby swing Buying Guide

While most of the guides show you the direct way of ensuring the must-haves, I tend to oppose. During my research about baby swing for big babies, nobody told me the factors to strictly avoid before investing in my little one (it is imperative, though).

Here I am, the godsend gift to your search present before you must have and avoidable aspects of a best baby swing.

Be mindful; watch out for even a single point! It is about your baby, after all.

Here's a video of how to choose a best bigger baby swing

If you don't want to watch video, then go through the features carefully to justify every penny you are going to spend!

Swing Seat

This is the most important part as your little one's comfort depends mostly on the Seat. Make sure the Seat is spacious enough to fit comfortably. My baby being a bit bulky, I always prioritize spacious seat options. Again, the Seat must be plush padded and soft so that it feels relaxing to the child.

Removable seats are great for washing. Machine washable fabric is a must; obviously, you don't want to spend extra hours cleaning the seats with your hands.

Frame Material and Structure

Frame and structure affect directly to your baby's safety; thus, you cannot take any risk regarding this. High-quality plastic, iron, sturdy metals are quite reliable and acceptable as the frame material. And considering the structure, always trust the good brands as they do not compromise the construction and built.

Cheap brands may provide weak structure and lead to accidents; you don't even want to imagine. Thus the robust structure is essential.

Swing Motion and Direction

Well, this one depends totally on personal preferences. Some children may like slow swing motion, and some may love faster ones. Many cases claim a change in taste as the children grow up. Thus it is better to opt for a swing that has both faster and slower swing motion.

About the direction, again, value your child's preference. Front to back or side to side, whichever your child likes, go for that one.

Well, is your child too small to utter his/ her preference? Breathe, and go for a swing that comes with both ways swing direction feature.

Weight/ Age Limit of a big baby swing

Every baby swing is suitable for a specific range of age and weight limit. Always abide by the manufacturer's recommendation regarding these limits. Usually, for babies, the weight limit should be a minimum of 20 pounds and can go up higher for the maximum weight limit.

Safety Features

Seat belts or several point harness is must and NEVER buy a swing that does not have safety belts. NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL. Safety harnesses keep your baby secure in the swing seat no matter whether they are sleeping or playing.

Again sturdy structure and high-quality fabric are also important for overall safety concern. 

Portability and Storage

Lightweight swings are easy to carry here and there. Also, there are certain swings available with folding options. These are easy to store and to carry around.

Baby Swing Assembly

Baby swings are invented to give you some extra time, and you would never want to waste your days on assembling these. Check out swings with tool-less assembly. Some of the swings take only 10 to 15 minutes to be assembled. Search for those and save your time and energy.

Entertainment Options

Most of the swings add a toy bar section with fun toys and sound systems. These toy bars usually contain interactive toys that improve the overall coordination of your child's body parts. And the music system relaxes your child with mild tunes and nature sounds.

Some of the swings also have vibration feature. This feature works like magic when it comes to soothe or entertain any child. 

Things to Avoid During Buying a Baby Swing For Big Babies

Now, you enter the red zone, dodge these features at any cost to keep your loving little one out of any danger.

Swings with Sharp Edges

Before buying any swing, take a look carefully. If you find any sharp edge or Sharpe surface, avoid buying it. These sharp edges can be highly dangerous. It can even lead to deep cuts and stitches.

Chemical Exposure

Cheap frame or fabric material such as low-grade plastic and low-quality fabric can lead to chemical exposure. According to American Academy of Pediatrics, Constant chemical contact from such an early age can cause permanent damage to your child's health.

Swings with Sleep Positioners

Some swings have sleep positioners, which means they have cribs not to roll out or fall from the swing. These are highly dangerous and can cause Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Even there are registered death occurrence using these positioners. Avoid sleep positioners. 

Swings from Cheap Brands

Sometimes to save some money, we make foolish decisions, and buying the swings for babies from anonymous brands is one of them. These brands may use cheap material supply to cut down the overall costing. 

Noisy Motor

Some baby swings are featured with noisy motors. These noises irritate the baby, and instead of calming them, these swings end up annoying them.

baby swing for bigger babies

Is there a baby swing for toddlers?

Yes, there are multiple swings for toddlers. Swings that claim to take more weight or provide a maximum weight limit of 30 lbs and above are considered for toddlers.

Graco EveryWay Soother Big Baby Swing is an excellent choice for bigger babies and toddlers. There are several other options within different price range; one can choose between them.

At what age do babies like swings?

Babies like swings basically from being newborn to 4 years, and sometimes even older babies love swings. But parents should take care and discontinue baby swings once the age or maximum weight limit is surpassed for better safety.

Babies older than four years can enjoy other forms of swings under the supervision of adults. Generally, babies within four years of age are more likely to love baby swings. 

seats, and so on.

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Here, I put my pen down. I think I have touched and elaborated on all the aspects of the hunt for buying the best baby swing for big babies.

Still, if you are in any dilemma or cannot relate to my quick recommendations, check the buying guide carefully. Choose the best baby swing for big babies from the list that flaunts most of the features from the buying guide.

And trust me, you are good to go. Above everything, it is a parent to parent thing. My tried and tested conviction (the recommended product list) is a gift for your parenthood from my end.

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