8 Best Trampolines with Swing Set for Kids

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A trampoline with a swing set in your outdoor yard can bring fun, along with health benefits with exercises for your child, both physical and mental.

Trampolines with Swing Set in the outdoor

Of course, technology makes everything easy and affordable, but nowadays, kids have been affected by smartphones or any other smart inventions.

These smart inventions may sometimes alter the bonding between parents and children. So, I bring you a simple solution that is safe, not so costly and aesthetic to look at.

Finally, I bring a list of the best 8 trampolines with swing sets, which will help you choose the right product for your children. Let’s start.

Best Trampoline with Swing Set (Product Comparison Table)





 YACOOL Swing Set for Backyard

YACOOL Swing Set for Backyard

  • 1.2 mm wall thickness iron pipe

  • Eco-friendly seat

  • 7- or 9-years old kid

Backyard Discovery Skyfort

  • 21’11’’ w × 16’’’D×12’4’’H

  • Weight capacity of 306.58 kg

  • 100% cedar wood


  • Metal swing

  • 3-8 years old kids

  • 480 lbs. and the glider is 80 lbs. per seat

Swing-N-Slide PB 8375 Ranger Plus

  • Take up 115 pounds

  • 3 to 8 kids

  • Wooden structure

XDP Recreation Surf N swing ‘in Swing Set

  • Free of rust

  • 6 leg frame swings

  • Can hold up to 6 kids at a time

Sports power Rosemead Metal Trampolines with Swing Set

  • Suitable for 7 kids

  • 177"L x 104"W x 72"H

  • Hold 700 lbs in total

Bounce Pro New My First Jump and Swing

  • Suitable 3 to 9 years

  • Affordable

  • Weight capacity : 100 pounds

Sportspower Super 8 Fun Metal Swing

  • Heavy duty weather resistanc

  • Product weighs 165 pounds

  • Adjustable swing chains according to your kids’ height

1. YACOOL Swing Set for Backyard: Best Trampoline with Swing in a Budget (Top Pick)

Two kids are sitting on the Trampolines and Swing

Yacool presents parents with a beautiful swing set for toddlers and kids for making their playground happy outdoors. This is one of the indoor and outdoor baby swings. This swing set is for toddlers made of high-quality material metal.

It has a greater load bearing capacity for European standard Textilene fabric. As this set is for toddlers, which has to be multiple security protection, so they use nylon ropes for better safety.

This product has a high-back seat belt, which helps the child’s spine be straight and comfortable while playing. This set with the trampoline is suitable for 0-8 years old children, which is perfect, I think. A maximum number of seats can be 2 and the weight is not more than 8.6 kg or 19.26 pounds.

You need to be more careful while your toddler swinging. If your child grows up, you can replace the shape and make it a little bit large according to your outdoor space.

Also, the paints on this trampoline swing set can’t be faded easily and have UV resistance. It has a 1.2 mm wall thickness iron pipe. They use this pipe to make it stronger and more durable in the market. The maximum weight that can hold is 55 pounds.

The seat is very eco-friendly with three-point safety on the back. Why is this eco-friendly? Because it has a 100% pp plastic toddler swing, protects children’s health. And of course, this is very much fixed in place or stable enough with four anchors to the ground with a hammer.

When it swings, it’s stable enough for any kind of background like- muddy, concrete. It may not affect the swing during rain because it has Textilene, which will not be faded

Things I like most:

The things I like the most about this swing set with is-

  • This trampoline with swing is easy to install and has multiple security protection for any age.
  • It also has aesthetic view and occupy less space of your outdoor.
  • Has pretty good wight and age limits. For any age of 7- or 9-years old kid, this product can’t be safe. It can cross it weight limit any time and may fall.

Things could be better:

  • If there is sun-shade and pegs can be a little stiff, that would be better.
  • This product is also highly costly, which many of us can’t afford.

2. Backyard Discovery Skyfort Wood Swing Set (Runners up)

Kids playing on the Backyard Discovery Skyfort II All Cedar Wood Swing Set

It has a very nice structure and castle like beautiful view. Kids love playing and to jumps and climbing. What if they have everything in one set?

The dimensions of this trampoline set are 21’11’’ w × 16’’’D×12’4’’H and easy assembled. Made with 100% cedar wood construction with tight knot structure. It won’t decay or rot. Safe to play and durable enough.

More than 7 kids can play with a maximum user weight capacity of 306.58 kg. They got assistance with BILT and there is also a 3D-guided assembly app to help fix this product. 

This large shape product is much interesting to look at where kids can enjoy fullest.

This product is safe and meets ASTM safety standards, but you can use this only for residential use. Large, raised clubhouse on the Skyfort II featuring a wooden roof, trimmed windows, a covered upper porch, unique bay windows and a sun deck.

There is a positioning beam, monkey bars rock wall and picnic table for your kids to enjoy. Kids will love to play with this.

Backyard Discovery Skyfort II All Cedar Wood Swing Set

Things I like most:

The things I like the most about this set with the trampoline is-

  • This set looks so beautiful and huge on your outdoor or backyard.
  • Has a unique window and sun shade to protect your kids from sun burn. But it could be better if the material is different from cedar wood.
  • Doesn’t take hours and assembled easily.

Things could be better:

  •  Only a large background or outdoor will be suitable for that.

Also watch the video by Backyard for a better understanding:


Kids are playing on the Trampolines Swing Set

With so many fun features included in this metal swing, children can now enjoy and have fun in their background. This set with the trampoline is only for 3-8 years old kids and has a strong steel frame.

Kids want to jump and slide, so this trampoline set brought you one glider, one swing, one flying saucer, one basketball hoop, one monkey bar and a soccer goal with a net etc.

The weight capacity of this metal swing’s mainframe is 480 lbs. and the glider is 80 lbs. per seat.

They have the safety concern, so they brought you to know they have tested this by ASTM.

The Fitness jumper trampoline will be 36’’ around and made with a heavy gauge welded steel frame. There are also heat-treated springs.

Things I like most:

  • This trampoline with swing set has so many features to make your kids’ playtime more fun. Frequent physical exercise will give your kids benefit both in mental and physical.
  • These sets are secure and safe for your own outdoor background that will keep your children busy always.
  • Comes with a basketball hoop.
  • Monkey bar will give arm strength and keeps the body fit through exercise. For this set, your child’s arm, shoulder and chest will be strengthened enough. The monkey bar is about 60’’ height and handle height is 52’’.
  • There is also one soccer goal with net in this trampoline swing set. It will give your children’ leg and thigh strength and develops muscle.
  • It can be assembled within 1-2 hours, not more than that. And also ground anchor is included.
  • This meets ASTM standard for better safety, therefore good deals for your kids.

Things could be better:

  • I have concern with pegs because this peg is not that much stiff.
  • Also, I have a concern with the monkey bar in this set. You need to supervise while children are playing and jumping. For any toddler, you have to be more careful with that.

Watch the video:

4. Swing-N-Slide Wooden Swing Set

Swing-N-Slide PB 8375 Ranger Plus Wooden Swing Set

Ranger plus wooden swings with trampoline makes the playground and outdoor a perfect, fun, and joyful place. This versatile wooden set is made of pre-cut cedar lumber, premium. That coated chain is free from slip which gives you a secure grip.

Per swing in this trampoline set can take up 115 pounds. There is one wave green plain plastic slide and climbing wall. 3 to 8 kids can ride and enjoy it. The things I like, it is very easy to install in our playground and very aesthetic to look at.

But acrobat bar in this trampoline set is not safe for kids as it may have some health issues like it can hurt elbow or joints. It is designed in a way that you can grow and change it to meet your needs. Slide deck and slide can be easily removed.

With lumber, hardware and play stuff for assembly are very simple. You need fewer people to install this. They will give you fully-illustrated instructions that aren’t hard to understand.

Things I like most:

The things I like the most about this set with the trampoline is-

  • All the customer love this trampoline with swings, rating about 4 out 5.
  • Easy to assemble and need less than hours.
  • Fully illustrated with many instructions.
  • This is safe because it has wooden structure. This will give you last long service.

Things could be better:

  • May fractures in the frame after some weeks.

Also watch the video review:

5. XDP Recreation Surf N swing ‘in Swing Set

Kids are playing on the XDP Recreation Surf N swing and Trampolines set

This swing set with the trampoline is a galvanized steel frame from XDP recreation. This kind of steel will give you strength & safety. With so many features like- 1ea swing, 1ea-stand-R-swing,1ea-super disc swing, 1ea-surf N swing and 1 ea-6’ long 3pc wave slide.

The maximum weight is 90 pounds and the material is alloy steel.

Things I like most:

The things I like the most about this set is-

  • It is a durable swing set with trampoline, equipped with durable seats and slides for riders.
  • It has two color like blue, black.
  • Has galvanized steel, a protective layer of zinc on steel tube, which needs no maintenance. Galvanized steel frame has warranty of 5 years.
  • There is also a PVC chain covered on the two blow molded swings’ seats which give you safe touch.
  • This set with trampoline brings super safety for any age of kids. 
  • It has constructed as a durable swing set.
  • There are four different swings in here like- Super swing disc can hold 2 kids, stand “R” and surfboard swing bring a new spark to this swing set lover.
  • Simply designed and can give you simple back-and-forth motion while making your outdoor look more fun.

Things could be better:

  • Things could be better if it’s not that much costly.
  • Assembly can take hours and the structure is not best fitted from my point of view.
  • Structure can be a little more perfect and the rods should be stiff. 

6. Sports power Rosemead Metal Trampoline with Swing Set

Sports power Rosemead Metal Trampolines with Swing Set

This team continues to create the best product possible to make your outdoor more fun. So they brought you a metal trampoline swing set of good quality at an affordable price.

There are two swing seats in this trampoline, one flying saucer, one glider, and one slide. Suitable for 7 kids, can slide up at once. This team creates every product and meets ASTM safety standards for the better safety of your kids. It can hold 700 lbs in total and every 100 lbs.

Medium to the large background – we have to take 177″L x 104″W x 72″H. This product meets safety standards and supports with ground anchoring set for better stability. Components are much good and predrilled. For any age of kids, we have to concern about this safety.

Sports power Rosemead Metal Trampolines with Swing Set on the field

Things I like most:

The thing I like the most is that:

  • This trampoline set has a nice structure and durable.

Things could be better:

  • It would be suitable if the distance between swing sets should be a little wider.

7. Bounce Pro New My First Jump and Swing

Bounce Pro New My First Jump and Swing

Uniquely designed with 2 fun activities for kids. As maximum rider weight capacity is 100 pounds, so you can shift this from your home to the background.

Material can be plastic, alloy steel and rust resistant frames. It gives you a strong kids’ safety assurance that your kids will not fall while jumping. Suitable for the age range of 3 to 9 years.

For safety, the limit is 1 jumper at a time, and you have to keep an adult to supervise.

There is a pad spring protector made from PVC material, steel spring to give you soft bouncy action. I will give this cute product a better rating. Because this is only for toddlers or 1-year-old kids.

There is a jumping mat and steel springs together, which will give any toddler fun. This can be used for your indoor and outdoor. Anyone can buy this product at a much affordable price. But when it’s about your kids, you have to keep in mind ‘safety first’. 

Things I like most:

  • This one is worthy enough to buy for your kids. Many people love this. 4.2 out 5 star is from customer review.
  • It will not occupy huge space. Best when you want to make your congested outdoor fun.
  • You can use it indoor as well.
  • Affordable for everyone.

Things could be better:

  • It could be better if the trampoline is a little wider.
  • The instruction is not good enough.
  • Nothing is labeled.
  • The hardware is not durable enough.
  • Extremely hard and can take hours to set up.

8. Sportspower Metal Swing with Trampolines and slide Set

Sportspower Super 8 Fun Metal Swing with Trampolines and slide Set

This Trampoline with swing set and slide is made of iron, metal and plastic. Same as some previous sets with multiple features. Steels are crafted 2 inches and are weather resistant. Also, they exceed ASTM standards. 

This product weighs 165 pounds, each can support 100lbs and has a medium to large scale size. It can move simultaneously. It has been crafted with 2 inches heavy duty weather resistance.

It’s quite obvious is that this product has an average rating. Kids will also love to play with this. Most interestingly, it has a wind rider girder swing where any toddler can also play with this.

Things I like most:

The things I like the most about this set with trampolines is-

  • There can be kids to toddlers who can ride and play with this in a fun outdoor or even indoor.
  • Heavy duty weather resistant.
  • It is a durable swing set with trampoline to resist each weight.
  • Overall, the BVR rating for this product is around 7. In here, the owners’ satisfaction is 7.9, convenience 7.8, customer support 7.4, build mechanism 6.7 and value of money is 7.7.

Things could be better:

  • Inadequate building mechanism.
  • It could be better for your kids if they change the shape and add different features.
  • This one is not time saving thing to build. Need an adult to install this.

Things to Consider Before Buying The Trampoline with Swing Set

Swing Set and Trampoline on the ground

It’s challenging for today’s parents that kids are interested in smart things than playing in the playground or outdoor, no matter how fun it is. To grab their attention, we need to buy stuff like- tree swing, trampolines, slide sets, football frames with nets etc. You can also go for swings with an AC adapter for your baby.

But before buying any of this stuff, we need to focus on some major issues. Some companies, in fact, are working on kid’s playground accessories for your kid’s safety issues. They offer you better sets for your kids. Some of the considerations in trampolines with swing sets are-

Don’t buy any product from pictures

Many websites can fool some customers by giving them so many pictures of a fun outdoor. So, beware of the scams and buy from any authentic website. It’s better to buy them from Supermall or any sports shop.

Avoid metal sets

Metals can be extremely dangerous for your kids and it can be warmer in summer and colder in winter. Also, some of the metals aren’t rust-resistant. So, use cedar wood or redwood, you can also take plastic like- PVC. 


Size is one of the major considerations in trampolines with swings. Larger decks are useful for your kids because a smaller deck will make your kids hesitate. In that case, you will need a set for tall kids. Check the pegs whether it’s at the same level. Measure the size of your backyard before going for one. 


This should be exceeded ASTM standards. You should pre-prepare the set for better safety. Choose the one with heavy duty. Check all the holes or screws before buying them. Make sure this shouldn’t cross the weight capacity. You have to notice that, woods should be durable enough to hold the weight.

Avoid wooden dowels

Wooden dowels can be cracked and split. So, make sure that should be protected. Or instead, seek steel for better strength.

Read the warranty carefully

Read all the information before buying them. Check the warranty for your product and inspect the kit.

Do not buy any heavy sets

Light weighted kits are encouraged to buy for every kid.

Consider your space

You need to think about the most important thing, which is space. Especially, if you plan to use it indoors. Not only space in your backyard to install, but also some around it is necessary. A trampoline should need clearance of space and better to keep it on the grassy ground.

Enclosure with fence

You shouldn’t need an enclosure with a fence. It can be dangerous.

Vertical climbing features

You must avoid vertical climbing features.

Check the safety rules

You need to give priority to your kids’ safety issues and know about certain safety rules before purchasing.

Trampoline with swing set Combo (FAQs):

Is there any swing set with a trampoline and slide?

yes, there is one. The Almanor trampoline swing sets with slides make every playground a fun park. This product become a fun outdoor and indoor use for all, undoubtedly.

Why do you need a trampoline with a swing set?

It’s a matter of fun and relaxation. It’s quite costly to establish trampolines swing sets and slide accessories. What if we get 2 in 1 in just one product, there will be no extra cost and an extra place to install.

Should I take a Wooden or metal swing set with a trampoline?

A metal swing set is undoubtedly unnecessary but also very dangerous, especially if it has a slide attached. We should keep in mind that keeping everything safe, including our kids, is important. Therefore, wooden things are encouraged to use.

How long does it take to assemble?

It depends on how many parts are there. Some products are ready to install. Generally, how much time it will take depends on how large or how small the set is.

Read here about assembling a trampoline.

Final recommendation: Which one to buy?

Finally, I have two recommendations. One for toddlers and one for kids around age-3 to 7.

For the toddlers, you can use Bounce Pro New My First Jump and Swing. Because, this product is easy to carry around, light-weighted, and not so large in scale.

For toddlers, you need to think about safety first. For kids, I would recommend Backyard Discovery Skyfort II All Cedar Wood Swing Set. This product will give you safety, and it is made of wood which is safe for your child. This product is full of many features, large in scale and aesthetic.

If you have a large space for your kids’ playtime, then this would be the best choice for your kids, undoubtedly.

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