Baby Einstein Neighborhood Friends Activity Jumper Review

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Baby Einstein Activity Jumper Special Edition Neighborhood Friends is a kind of product that grows on you. Along with its beautiful appearance, this baby jumper is highly entertaining. When the baby is playing in this beautiful baby bouncer, the joy in his face tells it all. 

Baby Einstein Neighborhood Friends Activity Jumper

The Einstein jumper has melodies, games, toys, and lots of other activities, making sure your baby has a great time.

I was heavily impressed with the captivity the activity center offered. And that led me to write this review article for you.

We'll get to know about this new toy, understand how it benefits us and make a better purchase decision.

Let's start without further ado.

At what age can babies use Baby Einstein Jumper?

Babies can start enjoying Einstein jumper at the age of 6 months and use it until 12 months old. 

Many parents opt that their baby is ready when the baby is four months though jumper manufacturers don't recommend it on the safe side.

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Baby Einstein Jumper Review

baby einstein activity jumper special edition neighborhood friends

Baby Jumpers are a popular baby product. With added activities, this toy has become a necessity for the parent.

Baby Einstein Jumper not only keeps your baby busy but also can sow the seed of curiosity in your baby. Children with interest learn to develop analytical skills, which are essential in the future.

The manufacturing company believes the same, and that's why they were so motivated to build this activity jumper. 

The more I will say, the more it may sound like an exaggeration, but it's not. Moving on to the next part, I will review some key features that might force you to agree with me. So, let's not waste any time.

  • Age group: The activity jumper is ideal for babies that are at least six months old. Many blog posts might say that whenever your baby is sitting or holding his head high, you can place them in a jumper, but as of the manufacture, six months is the ideal.
  • Weight: Babies up to 25 pounds can easily play and enjoy this baby jumper. 
  • Seating arrangement: The seat on Einstein is one of its best features. It comes with 360-degree seat rotation allowing access to explore all around its surroundings. The seats are wrapped with additional washable padding and have five different height settings making sure that the jumper also grows simultaneously with the baby. 
  • Music: Baby jumper is vested with a lighting piano, classical tones, and real-life piano notes. Melodies are an excellent sensory training that will enhance sensitivity.
  • Language: You'll see three different languages (English, Spanish, and French). Although they appear only in number, it is considered as the first learning step.
  • Play station: Alongside melodies, you get a play station, there are 12+ gaming options. Some of the toys are a spinning frog bead chaser, bendable sun stalk, spinning drums with numbers assigned to them, squeaky puppy, and additional six loops to attach any favorite toy you might feel the baby would enjoy.
  • Warranty: Manufactures provide a 1-year warranty period for this baby jumper.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Tons of gaming option
  • Height adjustments options with 360-degree seat rotation
  • It takes a small space as it is foldable.
  • Jumpers develop the baby's leg muscles.
  • Piano notes and number toys allow the little one to learn and at the same time
  • Hand-eye coordination is advanced with a frog bead chaser's help, and the sun stalk helps eye movement.
  • Expansive activity center and the jumper grows with the baby. 

Things could be better

  • It gets dirty quickly, needs regular cleaning.
  • Many buyers stated the assembling manual as confusing.

Does Baby Einstein jumper fold up?

Yes, it certainly does. Building this product, one of the prime goals manufacturers had is saving storage space and providing a futuristic baby bouncer at the same time. 

I think they have managed to do so. Baby Einstein jumpers are a super light yet sturdy piece of equipment, and they are easily foldable.

In case you find it intimidating to fold the activity jumpers, follow the steps I shared above in the article.

Baby Einstein Jumper Assembly Instruction

Baby Einstein Jumper Assembly Instruction

Assemble of the Baby Einstein jumper is super easy, and it is one of the very reasons this product is so adored. 

Don't worry; the assembly of this baby bouncer is not as complicated as Einstein's brain. 

This superior activity center fits all the parts at the first go. I did it in less than ten minutes.

Here's a video on how to assemble the baby Einstein jumper easily.

If you prefer to read the assemple instruction, follow the five steps I'm sharing below, and your kid will have the baby Einstein at his disposal.

Step 1: You'll have four frames to start with. Connect them. 2 of the structures will have 'easy to push' written on them with a button you can push. These two need to be aligned with the ones who have nothing written on them. Connecting the frames will establish a firm base, from where we can build the rest.

Step 2: With the base ready, the upper frame needs to be developed and assembled firmly. The forming arch will connect to the bottom. The hooks hold the jumper in shape, so make sure yours is a strong and sturdy one. In the manual, you'll find a graphical representation of how it should look.

Step 3: As the arch bars are ready, next is placing the seat in between them. Placing the seat is also an easy task. Just tie all the straps to the dedicated compartments, and it's done.

Step 4: Now set the toys. Toys have slots around the activity center. Place them accordingly. As melodies are played, the play station needs a battery, and you'll require a screwdriver for that. Placing the battery is the last step in assembling the baby Einstein.

How's that look? It amused me how easy it was. 

Oh, word of advice, please don't throw anything away even if it wasn't necessary for the installation. It was there because the manufacturer knows you'll need it in some way.

How to fold the baby Einstein jumper?

How to fold the baby Einstein jumper?

It is many parents' dream to fold up a baby jumper to save some space. Einstein jumpers come with a practical feature.

But having to at instruction every time you want to fold the jumper can be tiresome.

So, I'm going to break it down to you in five easy steps. 

  • There are four rolling bearings in the toy, and you'll see arches on the top. Balls are there to cement the seats. Drift the balls up to the fabric hugged area. 
  • Keep the arch in your hand and press on the release button as you will pull the hook now. Apply pressure to detached the angle from the central hub.
  • Good going. Now, please do this for all four rolling balls at their end. By doing this, both of the arches are now separate from the hub.
  • The hard work is done. You have the bars free and should meet the base frame on the top point.
  • Store it, pack it wherever you feel convenient. You have successfully folded the baby jumper.

How to clean the baby Einstein jumper?

How to clean the baby Einstein jumper.

Baby products are usually dirty after a few days. No need to elaborate as we know messy a child can be. 

But you have to give sharp concentration cleaning up because, well, we are talking about babies after all. 

Here are some easy ways to clean Einstein jumpers

  • Start by removing the seats and go on the frame. Then put the seat in a washing machine. Some people do this with a vacuum cleaner. I personally never used a vacuum cleaner.
  • Then move towards the toys. They are removable, and they can be cleaned using a tissue too. But if you find them a bit too dirty, put them in a bowl full of water, add some disinfector, and wash it. Once they are dry, reattach them to the baby jumper. 
  • Wet tissues are the best possible method to can clean the plastics on this product. By doing this, you have the baby jumper ready to use instantly. In terms of disinfecting, Vinegar does an equally superb job.

The parent should properly clean baby jumpers for the sake of the baby. The best time to clean Einstein jumpers is when you are about to fold them up and store them for future use.

Baby Einstein Jumper Review: Final Thoughts

From sensory activities like melodies to captivating activities like games, Baby Einstein Jumper toys do it all and excel in it. 

I love this activity jumper and would love to recommend this to anyone looking to buy a baby jumper. My overall rating to this awesome baby jumper is 5 out 5.

Seat rotation and height adjustment system are a few of the features that make it stand out above others. 

With the proven quality, this baby bouncer is a worthy buy any given day.

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