8 Creative Tips to Child Proof Garbage Can

If you have a toddler or baby, you must know that ‘no’ is their favorite word. Whether it’s touching something they’re not supposed to or eating food that is off limits, children will try again in different ways until they get what they want. This can be a challenging time as parents as we try to teach them right from wrong and keep them safe.

Child Proof Garbage Can

One of the best ways to help our kids learn is to set up boundaries to follow. One such boundary, which is hard for parents, is getting your child to keep their hands out of the garbage. Here are some tips to child proof garbage cans that will help set those boundaries and keep your baby safe!

Get a Childproof Touchless Garbage Can

A childproof garbage can will help keep your kids safe by keeping them away from the garbage, even you can get pet proof ones too. When it comes to garbage, you want to find a can with strong lids and locks that are difficult for children to open. The trash should also be tucked up high, out of reach of small hands.

The best baby proof and dog proof trash cans will also be easy for adults to open. Those have locking lids and secure sidelocks,  which is important since they need to take the trash out every day.

Try to buy a trash can with a closer opening on top and sturdy lids when looking for one. This is because if the lid pops off, the trash bag will stay in the container and not go all over your floor while picking trash cans up.

Different trash bins with different features may work well in your home! There are plenty of options for finding an excellent child proof garbage can. So you won’t have trouble finding one that’s perfect for your family!

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Put the garbage can in a high, out of reach

If you put the garbage can in a high, out of reach place, it will be difficult for your child to get it. You can place it on a shelf that is too high for your child to reach.

By doing this, you’re setting boundaries and teaching your child that they cannot just go for whatever they want. Instead, they’ll have to ask you for help if they need something. 

Another way is placing the trashcan on another level of the house. This means that even if your child knows how to climb up onto chairs or kitchen cabinets, they still won’t be able to reach the trash can.

This will take some time and effort, but it’s worth it! It will help maintain safety in the kitchen and teach kids how important it is to follow the rules.

Make the garbage can inaccessible to your toddler

If you have a toddler capable of climbing, then keep an eye out for this! Don’t put a child proof garbage can on a counter or an open shelf as tempting as it might be. Because your toddler might be able to climb up and reach inside the garbage bag.

Another option is to hang the bag higher than your child’s reach. Put it up high on your kitchen cabinet or against a wall. You can also use hooks to hang the garbage bag, so they’re out of reach from curious hands.

You could also put the garbage can in a hallway closet or inside a pantry with a locking lid. This will make sure your child doesn’t get into the trash easily.

Hide the trash can

Hiding the trash can inside of a cabinet
I put my trash can inside the cabinet to save from my kid

Another way to keep your baby from getting into the trash is by hiding the garbage bin. By doing this, you can stop them even before starting. 

Depending on your kitchen, where most of the food waste and kitchen trash is found, there are a few different options to place your kitchen trash can.

For example, if you have a wooden cabinet, you could attach a metal or plastic hook to the cabinet door. You could also make a cabinet and use it as a spot for your garbage can. This way, instead of the bag being out in the open, it would be sitting on top of the kitchen cabinet with only the lid sticking out.

You could also hide your kitchen trash can in some other part of the kitchen altogether! If space permits, you could store it inside a toy box or under a bed with some old socks stuffed in at the bottom for trash odors. However, you choose to store it, make sure it’s far enough away from where your child will play so that they don’t find it easily.

Covering up the trash can with a lid or plastic bag

Covering up the trash can with a plastic bag

One way to keep your child from getting their hands into the garbage is to cover the trash can with a cheap lid or plastic bag. This will prevent them from opening it and will also protect them from any harmful bacteria in the garbage.

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, then you may want to invest in a child safety lock with a secure side lock. This will ensure that the lid of the trash can not be opened by your toddler and will protect them from any germs that may be present.

Another idea is to place the trash can away from where your kids play.  Like a garage or basement or even outdoors.

Get creative with your child proofing

Upgrading the child’s kitchen with garbage can specifically designed for their age group will help them learn which items are appropriate to touch. This way, your child will be able to stay safe while also having fun in the kitchen. 

For instance, you might want to buy a stainless steel container or gallon capacity container that has a lid that locks in place. These containers are specifically designed for children and are larger than traditional trash cans, making it easier for toddlers to use them.

Alternatively, if you have an older child, you can buy one of these large lidded trash cans with handles on either side of the opening. These buckets are perfect for future builders and encourage children to make their own choices about what they throw away in the garbage can.

Whichever type of garbage you choose, it’s important to look for one that includes a safety lock, like a lid with a latch or button that prevents the child from opening it. And don’t forget – always supervise your child when they’re using this new garbage can!

Use an under-the-sink trash can

While we want to keep the trash out of reach and easy to open and close, the step trash can is an easy solution. we don’t want to put it in a drawer or cabinet where children can reach it. The best solution is an under-the-sink trash can. It’s low and out of sight and easy for adults to access without any help from kids.

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Install a lock on your waste bin

Child proof garbage lock

If you want to keep your child’s hands out of the garbage bin, investing in a lock is the best way to do it.

Many different types of locks will work for your garbage can. Lid locks and secured slide locks are the most common ones. Some locks use magnets and some employ a mechanical system. Install a magnet lock if you want to keep the lid on your garbage can.

If you don’t need the lid to stay on, then go with a mechanical lock

The type of lock you choose doesn’t matter as much as ensuring it is secure enough so your child can’t get their hands on anything they shouldn’t be touching.

If you have an outdoor trash bin, make sure it has a lid or put the outdoor trash can where kids can’t reach it!

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If you have a kid or toddler in your home, you need to be aware of the potential dangers of the garbage can. Setting boundaries and getting a childproof garbage can is the best way to ensure that your kids won’t be able to get into the garbage or garbage disposal.

I hope my article helped you to keep your home safe. Now you can spend time with your kids without worrying about what they might be doing in the kitchen when you’re not looking.

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