7 ways to Childproof light switch covers (Including DYI)

Kids are curious and always playing in search of discovery. Sometimes it is fun to explore, but there are some things that parents can’t trust them with. Electrical outlets and light switches in your room are two of those things. Parents need to childproof these items before their toddlers start exploring on their own, and the picture gets tragic.

I have figured out and come up with 5 ways to child proof light switch covers, so if your kids ever turn off the lights while you’re sleeping at night, you know who’s responsible!

Why parents should childproof light switch covers?

Parents need to start doing child proof light switch guards for all the rooms in their house, of course, to protect their children. If parents don’t childproof these items, their toddlers could get electrocuted or hurt if they ever touch them without supervision.

Since toddlers are curious, they are very likely to try touching the electrical outlet with their fingers just to see what happens. If you have ever seen a fly get zapped by an electric fence, then you know that this is not something that anyone would want to happen, especially if it was your kid!

It will be difficult for even some adults to survive some household electricity by sticking their hands in a switched outlet. Since kids are smaller, they are more susceptible to getting hurt from the electric shock compared to adults.

Ways to childproof light switches

1) Make the switches inaccessible

To make the switches inaccessible, you can either make the circuit breaker disconnected by turning them off or test them to make sure they are not receiving any juice. Once you’ve made sure that there is no power, you can get creative with your childproofing by using tape, extra screws, and positioning just about anything else to ensure that nothing here is accessible while power flows through it.

This method of child proof light switch would be especially effective since adults rarely look at their light switch guards anyways.

2) Buy Switch outlet covers, stove covers, and cabinet latches

Switch outlet covers

Baby safety outlet covers are lifesavers for stopping little fingers from getting electrocuted; they also stop curious children from unplugging lamps and other appliances so they can play with them.

Stove covers work well for older kids who know how to push open cabinets. This type of cover has an opening in front so adults can easily access the switch panel while preventing their children from turning on burners or ovens by mistake.

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3)Put stickers over the switches

I know what you’re thinking: “Are children really dumb enough to put stickers on light switch covers?” Well, yes! But if you put stickers on the light switch guard that looks fun and inviting for them, maybe they’ll take them off before they turn the lights off. If they don’t, you’ll know who is responsible for turning off your lights!

4) Change the configuration of the switch

Switches come in a variety of configurations, so why not change it up a bit and try new things? I have seen switches with three switches on one plate and even switches with four buttons. Try some or all of them to see if this will stop kids from cutting power to your home and means nighttime trips by playing with it!

Just remember those light switch covers can get a bit dirty after being touched once, so clean the covers before swapping out locations.

This method would be very effective because it’s replaceable and customizable, and most people won’t think about changing their current setup unless they set it up themselves.

So if your kid tries to turn on/off the switches while you’re sleeping, maybe they’ll find a way to shut them off!

5) Install an extended light switch plate cover

Installing this type of solution is super easy and creates a switch panel that’s much harder to access by little hands. It also makes the switch easier to access for adults since they don’t need to stretch or reach across things to turn lights on or off.

Installation of these types of light switch covers is good for homes with toddlers who are learning to crawl and walk. The longer distance between the wall and switches might be enough to stop them from reaching the controls, but it will be super easy for older children to use too!

6) Use light switch covers with locks

Light switch covers are just as susceptible to being childproofed as the actual switches! In most cases, some of the covers come with a unique buckle lock design on them so you can childproof your own home without doing anything yourself (which is always a plus).

Make sure you purchase covers that fit your current light switches, though. If they are tight and you’ve to squeeze them or don’t match up perfectly, then it won’t work too well.

DIY solutions to childproof light switch covers

Super easy steps on how to DIY child proof light switch cover:

1.) Unscrew the screws from the wall plate.

2.) Remove it from the wall.

3.) Take some electrical tape and cover up all sharp edges.

4.) Put some glue along the openings.

5.) Place back onto the wall and screw everything back together in existing screw holes.

6.) Test if everything is in position, safe, and done!

This quick DIY child proof light switch cover solution saves you time, money and can be a lifesaver. The process is not expensive, and one can easily do it in a short span of time. This is also ideal for renters who do not want to spend too much when they cannot change any part of their home’s interior design or structure.

Also, watch this video for more DYI solutions:


So parents, do not let your toddlers touch electrical outlets or light switches anymore! Keep them immediately away from the hidden danger of catching electrical shock. Just pick a way of childproofing light switches with the super easy methods mentioned above that only takes around fifteen minutes to complete.

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