Tips for Long Car Journeys with a Young Baby

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Traveling with an infant is not always as simple as it seems, especially if you’re flying. Fortunately, if you’re driving it’s somewhat easier, and there are loads of tips and tricks to ensure that your car ride runs as smoothly as possible. If you’re preparing for a long car journey but aren’t sure how to keep your little one suitably safe, comfortable, happy and entertained, here are three main points to run through before you depart.

Safety Is Most Important 

Above all else, your baby needs to be safe. You can ensure that they are both safe and comfortable by first securing a baby car seat into the back of your car. This is the best way to travel with any young child, as it keeps them tucked in tight and safe all the way to your destination.

If you are driving in a very sunny area, you might want to consider hanging up a blanket or window screen to prevent harsh lighting from disturbing your baby’s eyesight or becoming uncomfortably hot. Alternatively, if you are driving in cooler weather, make sure you bring a cozy blanket and plenty of cushions to provide the softest and most supportive environment possible.

It is also important to make sure your car is safe and completely up to date with all of its maintenance checks. Before departing, stop at a gas station and ask them to make sure that your fuel has not expired. Gas tends to go bad between three months and three years of sitting in an engine, so make sure to get it checked out if your car has been stationary for some time.

Snacks And Entertainment

As you probably already know, a baby’s dietary habits are extremely important for their overall health, safety, and comfort. You’ll want to bring along a wide variety of different foods in case they become restless, and make sure to keep a teething necklace or cold compress in case of itchiness or car-sickness. Some of the best car snacks for babies include frozen yogurt tubes, sliced fruit (frozen is also good if they’re teething), rice crackers, and dry cereal. Don’t forget the wet wipes!

Even if your car journey isn’t very long, packing some form of entertainment will never be a bad idea. Some kinetic books, an iPad loaded with their favorite show, and a selection of favorite toys will help your baby feel calm and reduce the chances of a tantrum.

Comfort And Nap Times

In order to encourage sleep, some parents like to start their car journey around the same time as their baby would normally go down for a nap. The steady motion of the car may further contribute to a sense of comfort and sleepiness that facilitates a nap.

You can also bring some melodic car lullabies or an audiobook, and you can try to keep things as quiet as possible throughout the drive. Overall, a successful car journey with a baby means making sure all of their needs are being met, just as they would be at home. The more familiar and comfortable your car environment is, the happier and more sleep-prone they will be. 

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