Frequently Asked Questions

Baby Bangs are an innovative new hair accessory/enhancement. A unique ready-to-wear combination hair/headband miniature hairpiece, made size appropriate for infants and baby girls only.

Baby Bangs hair+bands stay on just like a normal headband does, the only difference is our baby bangs! Hair strands have been constructed into the hairband itself.

Absolutely! Baby Bangs hair+bands have passed safety testing for infants 0-9 months! Our hair+bands are not intended to harm children in any way–they are intended to enhance baby girls appearance in a fun and memorable way.

The baby bangs! Hair strands and the materials used to create the baby bangs! Hair+bands have been tested and have very little possibilities of causing irritation.

The hair strands and materials used are constructed out of the same kinds of fabrics and/or materials used to make standard children’s hair accessories. No metals of any kind have been used to create baby bangs.

Baby Bangs are made to fit comfortably on any infants head size, and recommended for infants 0-9 months.

With purchase, you will be provided with full care instructions and also quick easy placement instructions.

The material that sits closest to baby’s skin is made of soft fleece. Each of our baby bangs! Hair+bands are thoroughly lined using a thin soft fleece layer which is safe and comfortable for baby’s sensitive skin.

No, our baby bangs! Hair strands are made using smooth fine strands of kanekalon. Kanekalon is a monofiber lifelike hair that resembles natural hair. Kanekalon is the highest quality and most natural looking man made fiber available.

Baby Bangs come complete with care/styling instructions and styling comb and have been pre cut and are ready to wear, but if desired, sure! You can cut them.

No! Use of any heated appliance could damage the Baby Bangs hair strands. Please do not use any electrical appliances on the Baby Bangs hair strands.

Although Baby Bangs are recommended for infants 0-9 months, toddlers can wear Baby Bangs comfortably with parental supervision.

We do not recommend leaving baby bangs hair+band on any child while sleeping. Also never leave baby unattended while wearing Baby Bangs hair+band.

Really, any color will be fine! This will be your own personal choice. A suggestion could be to select your infant’s Baby Bangs hair strands to match that of either the Mother’s, Father’s or Sibling’s natural hair color.

We are currently working on lots of new styles and designs! So keep checking back at our site often!

The Baby Bangs hair+band measures 11″ circumference unstretched, and at maximum stretch it measures 20″ circumference. The ribbon dimensions are 1/2 inch wide sheer underlaying ribbon with 3/8 inch wide floral overlay. The bow measures 1 1/2 inches.